Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup Illinois 62428-3016
Sonja's Easy Tatted Shamrock Bookmark
Sonja St. John, 2002
Supplies:  one shuttle of your choice wound with green perle cotton

Leave a tail af approximately 6 (six) inches of thread hanging before you wrap your hand.

sp:  small picot- slightly bigger than 1/8 of an inch.  You may have to play with it a bit to get a small enough picot for the dimpled ring that also allows you to close the ring.

vsp: very small picot- used to conect the rings only.

cr: close ring

Ring 1: 9, sp, 4, + , 4, vsp, 5, cr  ( + is to sp)

Ring 2: 5,+ (to vsp of previous ring), 4, sp, 4, + (to sp), 4, vsp, 5. cr

Ring 3: 5, + (to vsp of previous ring), 4, sp, 4, + (to sp), 9. cr

Wrap shuttle thread around hand in chain position.  Using tail of thread first do a lock stitch (2nd half stitch flipped first, followed by 1st half stitch unflipped worked the best), then finger tat 6 more double stitches.

To finish the bookmark hold the motif in one hand while individually overtwisting each thread end, then holding the ends in one hand, release motif allowing the threads to untwist and wrap around each other.  Tie the ends together in an overhand knot to secure.

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