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True Rings and Split Rings

This week we do a double take, that is, we are going to look twice at rings. First a look at the true ovoid tatted ring.

And then a look at the extremely versatile split ring. Split rings can be done with shuttle or needle. The example shown is a needle tatted split ring.

For basic shuttle tatting instruction:
By Carrie Carlson
By LaRae Mikulecky
By Sharon Briggs
For basic needle tatting instruction:
By Tammy Rodger
By Pamela deVries
Handy Hands Needle Tatting How-to
For basic split ring instruction:
Suzann Welker
Online Tatting Class
LaRae Mikulecky

Please see these two lessons:

Rings, Rings, Rings

Split Rings, Split rings, Split Rings
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