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Anne Meloni's "Tuscia" - a Tatted Bow"

Many thanks to Anna Meloni (author of "Pizzo Chiacchierino") for sharing this pattern with the online tatting class. The pattern is an excerpt from her most recent book, "Modelli di Chiacchierino" (pages 79-81.)

The online tatting class has recently been discussing the process of designing tatting. Many of us design by accident. But there are times when we have a specific idea and seek to make the thought lace. One way to start a design is to consider first the principles of "Bach" vs Beethoven" designing.

As in classical music created by Bach, we would create an outline and design within that sphere. The alternative style is the Beethoven method which uses the outline as the foundation and builds outward from it. In the simplest of terms it can be called "cookie cutter" designing. The tatters draws the outline and then either fills the hole or surrounds the hole with lace.

Anna advises us to begin by drawing an outline such as this bow on a piece of light fabric.

Tat a long strip of lace next, perhaps an tiny ring and chain repeat or a pearl tatted chain (refered to as mignardise in the book) with a tight formation. Baste this strip to fabric following the outline.

And finally, fill the design with rings and chains formed and attached randomly to the pearl tatted chain (mignardise.)

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