Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
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Jeanne Lugert's 3-D Rose Earrings

For these earrings, Jeanne used size 80 thread. Wind 2 shuttles with choice of colors. If using 2 colors, shuttle 1 is the outside color and shuttle 2 is the inside color. You could use a single color, but the petal definition wonít show up as well. Knot ends of threads together leaving a 10" - 12" tail on shuttle 2. Hide the end of shuttle lís thread in the first ring, leaving the long tail of shuttle 2 loose until the end.

SR = split ring
#SR = The # of split rings with the same stitch count
P = small joining picot

SR 4 / 2 P 2
SR 5 / 2 P 2
4SR 6 / 3 P 3
4SR 8 / 4 P 4
5SR 10 / 5 P 5
5SR 14 / 5 P 5
5SR 16 / 6 P 6 leave the ends several inches long so you can tie the end of the last ring to the underside of the rose after gathering.

This totals 25 split rings.

Thread a needle with the end of shuttle 2 beginning tail. Thread this tail through the picot on the bottom side of each ring. Start spiraling rings as you thread them on the needle making sure you go through each picot in the same direction. Pull the thread tail up tight continuing to spiral the rings. Hold the rose tight together while knotting this thread. Then tie the ends left after the 25th ring to one of the other rings so that the end ring isnít "flopping loose."

This rose can be glued to earring backs or attached to other findings or if you donít cut the thread tails tat over them inserting wire to make stems for flowers.

Many thanks to Jeanne for sharing her pattern with the class. See the matching Rose Brooch. Contact Jeanne Lugert direct.
Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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