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Wedding Shawl by Jean Younkin et al

Jean Younkin Shawl moves bride to tears.

Jean Younkin spent many hours working a simple repeat into a masterpiece. Here the bride models the shawl before a mirror.

Happy Family

The ceremony

And on down the aisle...

Now let's get down to business and examine the work. Below is the completed shawl.

Jean writes: FYI there are 170 rings in a square measuring nearly 5 1/2" - 16 squares wide by 8 squares deep at the point. That works out to 64 squares. I am not a speed tatter! After I got better at keeping track of where I was and started going forward more than backward :-( ..... I averaged 10 hours per square. That makes more than 600 hours for the whole thing at top speed. I think I cut off about 20 hours of work from various mistakes. I estimate I completed about 1/5 of this piece and I am sure it took me about 200 hours. These numbers are embarrassing! But I am thrilled to have it finished."

Well I think she did a swell job, too!

Here's a closeup which has Jean's work on the right side:

An enlargement of the basic block:

And here is the diagram for the repeat:


Good design, Jean, many thanks for sharing with us.