Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
11460 Via Appia
Anchorage Alaska 99515-2905 USA

Three Handkerchiefs and a Towel

Here are three antique handkerchief edgings and a hand towel edging to study. Although the tatter put much effort into these lace pieces there are some construction flaws to study and improve upon.

Note the rings on both sides of this piece of one-shuttle work do not join. What flaw do you notice?

Note the unusual join of the two small rings and the irregularity overall. How would you improve on this design?

Altho this white edging is the best constructed of the lot, how can we improve upon it?

Antique hand towel with edgings at top and bottom. Note that the thread used with this linen hand towel is very thick and sturdy presumably so that it would stand up to the many washings. Also note that the edging has a crocheter footer.

Upper Edging:

Lower Edging:

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