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Quick Tricks... -------------------------------- Coats & Clark #326

The Raised Tatting Book (1868)---Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

The Royal Tatting Book (1864)---Mlle. Riego de la BranchardiereRuffles Ribbons and Roses --------------------------------Katie Ballard

Schaakspel (Chess) ----------------------------Ineke Kuiperji (Dutch)

Schiffchen-Arbeiten-Occhi-Frivolitäten ------------------Verlag Schaumfer (German)

Schiffchenarbeiten Occhi -------------------------------- Adelheid Dangela
order from author: Adelheid Dangela, Spielberg 101, D-32825 Blomberg-Reelkirchen Germany

Schiffchen Arbeiten I & II -------------------------------- Emmy Liebert (1921)

Review by Terry:

"The Tatted Lace Patterns of Emily Liebert" (Schiffchen Arbeiten 1 & 11) has some lovely patterns but the text is in German (not usually a problem) but the print font is Fraktur, Old English style, and pretty difficult to read even for someone who reads German. The print is very clear and you can sometimes count the stitches but I would not recommend this book to anyone who isn't fluent in German.

Schiffchen-Arbeiten-Occhi-Frivolitäten -------------------------------- series, Omas Handarbeit-Bibliothek #4

Die Schiffchenspitzen der Frau ---------------------------Eleonore Endrucks-Leichtenstern, (German) Leipzig, Germany, Beyers Handarbeitsbücher 9, 1922

Schiffchenspitze 1 & 2-------------------------------- Tina Frauberger (German,1921)

Schiffchenspitzen Occhi Frivolites --------------------------------Waltraud Naumer (German)

Sheep May Safely Graze --------------------------------------Karey Solomon


Tat a sheep, a rose or one of two unusual pictorial doilies, 7 edgings. Includes color photo. The pattern is simple.

Shuttle Tatting without a Teacher ---------------------------Betty Alderson,(Snowgoose) ed. Mary Maynard

Review by Margaret:

While at the bank to arrange new-house financing, another customer commented on Pete Alderson's book that I had with me entitled "Shuttle Tatting without a Teacher". I could write a review of that book if you don't already have one. Not only was I able to make my first double-stitch by myself before any in-person instruction using this book, but Pete mailed it to me promptly before I even bought the money order to pay for it.

Review by Sue:

A wonderful book published posthumously (bless her, Betty is sadly missed but happily remembered) prepared by Mary Maynard (of the wonderful Flower Book fame.) This is a well set out with grand diagrams and photos. Written progressively for easy learning and contains great tips and help throughout. How I wish I'd have had this little book when I was learning! There was even "a new to me" way of starting with 2 colours" (we are never done learning - that's why I love tatting!) And, succinctly, it does just what it says in the title :-)
Review by Stephanie:

This book contains a clear, detailed explanation (complete with illustrations for every step) of how to shuttle tat. It's mostly a how-to book, but has a few very basic "beginner" patterns in it. The down-join is recommended as the join of choice/preference, and is taught right at the start (with a note saying that most tatters use a different join but this has become the "preferred" join for many of them so you may as well go ahead and learn it now. Right-side/wrong-side tatting is taught (with the same note) also. Really, if you're going to do it, you might as well learn it that way instead of learning the "old" way and having to change your tatting "habits" later on. This is one of the best books I've ever seen for learn-to-tat purposes. I wish it had been around when I was learning to tat. If you want to learn to tat and don't know anyone who can show you "in person," I heartily recommend this book.

Simple Book of Tatting (1867)---Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

Single Shuttle Only 40 motifs + 4 edgings no ball thread Vol. 4-------- Angeline Crichlow

Snowflake Roses --------------------------------------- Denise Munoz


Solid 3-D Tatting Unique directions for solid tatting for stuffed toys, teddy bears, snowman, piggy, Santa, soldier, angel Vol.7--------------- Angeline Crichlow

Spitzen-Ideen ---------------------------------------- Susanne Rolf Schwenke


Spitzen-Kreationen ---------------------------------Susanne Schwenke (German)

Review by Maureen:

This is a German book; however, it has extremely clear diagrams, pictures, AND shorthand instructions, with a translation of all the tatting terms, so that the patterns are perfectly clear to non-German speakers. The format is similar to the series of Danish tatting books published by Akacia press. It was the doily on the front cover which interested me in the first place, and I was thrilled to find that there are patterns for five other doilies as well; also ten edgings and eight snowflakes.

There are several patterns which incorporate block tatting and mock rings, although specific directions for these techniques are not given. The author has given her email address at the front of the book, which I think is a very helpful touch. I am very happy with my purchase: this is a book of traditional designs, and it's small enough to be carried along with the work.

The Star Book of Tatting Designs No. 2 ---------------------Anne Orr 1935 (See Tatting with Anne Orr)

Review by Terry:

"STAR BOOK OF TATTING DESIGNS,#2," The American Thread Company, New York. Designed and edited by Anne Orr for The American Thread Company. © 1935 (10 Cent book,) 22 pages. Patterns for luncheon sets, medallions, and 2 baby bbonnets, all of which have been reprinted in other books.

The Star Book of Crochet and Tatting, #66----------------------The American Thread Co. 1949 (10 cent book), 16 pages.

Starburst Collar -------------------------------- Barbara Foster, Handy Hands Tatting

Start Tatting Creatively (Kreatives Occhi) ---------------------- Helma Siepmann (German)


The Super Lacecrafts Collection #1 & #2 -------------------------------- Susan Bates/Anchor

Sweet Knottings ------------------------------------------------------Karey Solomon


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