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Needle-made Lace and Net Embroideries -------------------------------- Doris C. Preston

Needle Tatting I & II -----------------------------------Barbara Foster, Handy Hands Tatting

Needle Tatting from the Heart -------------------Tina Neudorf


Needle Tatting with Style --------------------------------Barbara Foster, ed.

New Critters on the Block-----------------------------Martha Ess

New Dimensions in Tatting -------------------------------- Tode Haan-van Beek (English)

A New Look in Tatting -------------------------------- Elgiva Nicholls

New Things Happen to Tatting #159----------------------------- Coats & Clark, 1921

A New Twist on Tatting -------------------------------- Catherine Austin

Review by Hope:

This is 144 pgs, full color full page photos, with 50 patterns. For me the joy of this book are the pages in the Gallery section that give so many creative ideas on how to USE tatting creatively. We can learn to make edgings, motifs and doilys- but how do we incorporate them into everyday life so that we can enjoy them? This book shows us how to ornament our lives- and how to use tatting on photo mats, clothing, hats, shoes, bottles, hat boxes, linens and on and on... eye candy for sure.

Nihon Vogue's "Do-It--Yourself" series #13, 1978 (see "Tatted Fashion" English version) ----------- Teiko Fujito (Japanese)

OCCHI -------------------------------------------Hilde Schleip (German)

Occhi------------------------Ruth Scharf (German)

Occhi: Neue Blätter (New Leaves)------------------------Ruth Scharf (German)


Occhi 1 & 2 ------------------------------- Gisela Graff-Hofgen (German)

OCCHI-Schiffchenspitze-Frivolite ------------Marianne Langwieser & Tatiana Scharowa (German)


Several pages of instructions using modern photographs and reprints from antique books. Photographs and diagrams for all patterns. Many traditional style tatting patterns which are accompanied by suggestions for application as fashion accessories. Also sections on the split ring and on bead work. Final chapter encourages a foray into freeform tatting. (Patterns easy to follow from diagrams, knowledge of German not necessary.)

Occhi - Tatting - Frivolite: Mustersammlung -----------------Susanne Rolf Schwenke


See also:

Occhi - Tatting - Frivolite: Spitzen-Ideen........... Susanne Rolf Schwenke


Review by Stephanie:

Susanne Schwenke's second book is in German with a small chart at back of book translating terms and/or abbreviations.

Although my ability to read German is limited I believe that Susanne Schwenke also wrote another book called "Occhi - Tatting - Frivolite: Mustersammlung" under her maiden name (Susanne Rolf). There is no "techniques" section in this book, instead tatters are referred to other books (which are printed in English) if they need help with techniques used in her book.

There are 4 sections of patterns, edgings, Christmas tatting, Easter tatting, and table decor. All the patterns use 2 shuttles, designated as "blue" and "green." Patterns are written in short form and diagrammed. Both pattern instructions AND diagrams are clear and easy to follow. Pattern instructions indicate "blue" or "green" shuttle, which really DOES help, because the "working" shuttle and the "ball" shuttle trade places from time to time. Techniques used include mock rings (SCMRs) and Block tatting, both of which were new and never-before-heard-of techniques for THIS tatter. So far THIS tatter has only tried the first 5 patterns in the book, in various sizes of thread. They're make up "edgings" section of the book. The first 3 patterns are truly edgings, the next 2 are ...well...I'd call them "doilies" tatted onto a round cloth center. Either way, they go around the "edge" of something, though. At first it was confusing to work the patterns, but this was due to my inability to read the language (and to my forgetting to switch shuttles when told "blue" shuttle, R:...etc.!)

The pictures are beautiful, and if you follow the directions, YOUR finished results are as nice as those pictured! Christmas section is stars and snowflakes, very pretty indeed; the Easter section has 3 patterns for egg coverings using size 80 thread and 2 shuttles and they are gorgeous; the table decor section has 2 napkin ring patterns and a pattern for a square that can be used to make a tablecloth by itself OR to make a tablecloth out of cloth with the square used to connect sections of cloth. The author gives a diagram of how to use the squares (and fabric) to make the tablecloth pictured on the cover. Cover photo is in color, photographs IN the book are all in black and white, but still REALLY gorgeous.

Judging from the directions and diagrams in the "edges" section, all of which this tatter HAS worked (in various thread sizes on everything from hankies to bed linens and beyond....which is one reason nothing from the other sections has been tried yet) the whole book is fantastic. No problems working the patterns in later sections of the book are anticipated, as Susanne Schwenke's directions are so VERY well-written and the diagrams are truly helpful, even to a tatter who prefers "verbal" patterns. Don't let the language frighten you away from this book. It's a real jewel.

Oh My Stars!----------------------------------------Kaye Judt 2008

Review by Sue Hanson:

Oh My Stars!" by Kaye B Judt. It is a useful one for the bookshelf. Covers many advanced techniques and how to work them with both shuttle and needle (handy) Unfortunately she does rename a couple [techniques]... The diagrams are well executed even though they are hand drawn. Produced in black & white through out with a good quality scan of the finished lace. IMHO a good one for beginners who want to further their repertoire. And neat little patterns for emptying the shuttle for us old hands :-) 36 pages - PB staple bound . American letter size.

Old-Fashioned Tatting Patterns Book 1 ------------------------ed. Barbara Foster, Handy Hands Tatting


This is another antique reprint from Handy Hands Tatting (email and request catalog and sample newsletter.) This nicely done reprint is the 1896 "Tatting & Netting" by Butterick. 140 patterns.

Old Time Patterns----- ------------------------- Tower Press # 160, 170, 480, 490

Ondori's Tatting Lace -----------------------------------------------Ondori Pubs (Japanese)


ORKIS ----------------------------Kirstine Nikolajsen & Inge Lise Nikolajsen (Danish, English & German)

Orkis Til Hverdag Og Fest ------------------------Hanne Pedersen (Danish)

Orkis-Bar Knuder -------------------------------- Kirstine & Inge Lise Nikolajsen (Danish)

Pattern Book in Tatting -------------------------------- Mary Konior

Patterns I like to Tat -------------------------------- Marie Gunby

Peacock -------------------------------------------------------------Pam Palmer

Pizzo Chiacchierino ----------------------------------------By Anna Meloni (Italian)


Larger paperback book, 104 pages, color photos throughout the book, in Italian. Doilies and edgings in the traditional manner. Diagrams for the basic tatting method but not for patterns, however, the color photographs are enlarged and easy to follow. (Knowledge of Italian not necessry.) Final chapter includes several unique applications of tatting framed as pictures, as decorations for serving trays, as a freestanding jewelry box and as lace for dolls' clothes.

Pizzi e Merletti da indossare (Beaded Jewelry?) -----------------Anna Meloni(Italian)


The Pearl Tatting Book (1867)---Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

Practical Tatting -------------------------------- Phyllis Sparks

Priscilla Tatting Books 1 (1909), 2 (1915) & 3 ---------------------------------The Modern Priscilla

Review by Stephanie: Priscilla #2

From what I could tell, this is a reprint of Priscilla No. 2 (1915). It definitely LOOKS like "vintage" patterns. Some of the patterns use Coronation Cord (no longer made, although the intro says "soutache braid" makes a "workable substitute." (Do they still make soutache braid?)[Ed. note: Yes, soutache braid is still available] The book contains edgings (some of them really gorgeous!), doilies, collars (some appliqued on net), at least one flower for your hair, a couple bonbon baskets (3-D), padded tatting, an alphabet, some bags (one beaded, another with coronation cord, a couple more without 'extras'), jewelry (with beads), candle shades (one of them with beads), baby bonnets (one really pretty one!), at least one 3-D flower for your hair (plus the "flat" one mentioned earlier). (Motifs used in the various items can be used for other purposes with a little imagination, and we tatters are FULL of imagination.)

Techniques include (but are not limited to) padded tatting, 3-D tatting, use of coronation cord, "set" stitch, lattice work (this MAY use the alligator join, it's hard for me to tell from the description in the pattern), and other techniques. Patterns are in the old "long" form. Thread sizes are often recommended, and number of "balls" of thread are recommended sometimes, but this was from almost 100 years ago - it doesn't say how many yards/meters of thread are in the ball, or indicate the size of the ball. In addition, some of the threads may not be available today, but substitutes are fairly easy to find in most cases.

Projects in Tatting * -------------------------------- Sheila York

Psychedelic Shuttle ----------------------------------- Samantha Melnychuk

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