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Labor of Love: Tatting Beyond the Basics ---------------------------------------------Lily Qualls Morales


La Frivolite ----------------------------Manu-Cadets collection by Dessain et Tolra (French)

La Frivolité Dentelle aux Navettes ---------------------Pascale Provost & Mick Fouriscot


La Frivolité Fine et Précieuse Initiation à la frivolité ------------------Les Éditions de Saxe


The Lace Tatting Book (1866)---Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

Laces to Knit,Crochet & Tat Coats & Clark #317

Learn How...tat..&... -------------------------------- Lily Design Book #206

Learn How Book No. 170 -------------------------------- The Spool Cotton Company

Learn How Book No. 170-D (Knit Crochet Tat Embroider-------- Coats&Clark

Learn How to Cro-Tat the Easy Way ---------------------------------------Elizabeth Ann White (Annie's Attic)

Learn Needle Tatting Step-by-step----------------------ed. Barbara Foster, Handy Hands Tatting

Review by Stephanie:

The instructions for needle tatting in this book are fantastic! Barbara Foster explains things so clearly that even I was able to sit down and tat with a needle almost immediately. The patterns in the book are pretty, and the directions are very clear. NOTHING in the book is difficult to make. (I'd rather shuttle tat, but even that is not a problem, as the patterns can be worked with a shuttle, too - with the possible exception of one small butterfly.) This book is so easy to understand that I was even able to teach someone how to needle-tat even though I really don't remember how to do it myself! If you want to learn needle tatting, this is an excellent book to get.

Learn Tatting with Lacet -------------------------------- Rosemarie Peel

Learn to Tat -------------------------------- Anchor #17761

Learn to Tat -------------------------------- Coats & Clark #240, 240-A 1974

Review by Bev:

35 pages Booklet. The General Information Page gives a list of Coats & Clark threads suitable for tatting; paragraph on shuttles; winding shuttles; and, a list of Abbreviations used in the patterns. Pages 1-10 have drawings of how to tat rings, chains, picots, joining. The use of Ball and Shuttle threads is covered along with joining the thread and whip stitching ends.

Reverse work is covered along with Josephine Knot, long Picot and using two shuttles. There is a page of helpful hints and how to block and launder, complete with photos. My favorite page is page 16 The comparative sizes of one motif worked in different sizes of thread, tatted in sizes, 70, 50,40, 30, 20, 10, Pearl Cotton and knit-Cro-Sheen shown in actual sizes. Along with edgings, place mats, shade pulls are bookmarks, motif for pillow top, and two doilies. It is a small format booklet crammed with a lot of information. Something to watch for on e-bay! The directions are very good for beginning tatters.

Review by Stephanie:

This booklet includes instructions for both right-handed AND left-handed beginners. I pretty much ignored the how-to section, because I already had been tatting for years when I bought the book. Pictures in the how-to section are drawings. The book includes a brief "hints" section covering joining (a new thread), blocking, and laundering. Pictures (2) in the hints section (blocking) are black and white photos. There are two edgings in the book - a shuttle-only small edging, and a wide edging to go on a round cloth center for making a doily. Patterns are written in long form. Both are pretty easy to work. I bought the book for the two edging patterns, primarily the wide edging pattern. I wish there were more patterns in it, but it's a "how-to" book, not a book of patterns, so it's normal to expect more space to be devoted to technique. I still like the patterns.

Les merveilles de la Frivolité (The Wonderful World of Tattin) -- Jean-David Obeigi (French)

Let It Snow! -------------------------------------------------Karey Solomon


About two dozen original snowflakes/ornaments, mostly six-sided, mostly simple patterns.

Let's Tat -------------------------------- Angeline Crichlow

Review by Hope:

In the back of my copy, which is kept wedged between books because the cover goes soft and curly in humidity- is an email... and I know AKTATTER was blessed with knowing in person this lovely lady!!! because the letter tells of Georgia's learning to tat in 1979 in Sacramento California.

I still have the check where I ordered my books because she endorsed it.. have one of her volumes of poetry.. and adore this book ...and I feel so blessed to not only have the book & 5 of her small ones, but the memory of talking to her on the phone & a letter from her.

"Let's Tat!" is 352 pages, hard bound- and more special- printed and hand bound by a beloved tatter who wanted to share tatting with everyone. It is b&w with very good photos of the tatting, I was constantly amazed at all the techniques that she teaches and for me it was a book that I "read" practically from cover to cover- because it was so much fun. It was delightful because of her descriptions of the patterns- where they came from- and often memories that they evoked. Page 91 is a particular favorite- Centipede Edging... the story about it is precious- taking us back to pioneer times & wagon travel. Her mother called it Centipede Edging- and Angeline was so fearful of centipedes that it was quite unpleasant to think about having this edging on her own clothing. This book is like a recorded history of tatting. If you can ever borrow one and spend time just reading it for pleasure - don't hesitate. and if you find a copy somewhere for sale- don't hesitate- BUY IT!!

Lommetorklaeder med orkis (Hanky Edgings)------------------------------------Kirstine & Ingelise Nikolajen Danish


Review by Bob:

Minimal text so it isn’t too much of a challenge as all patterns have diagrams. It’s all hanky or placemat edgings, and they are pretty. It’s a small book, but a very nice one.

Macramé and Tatting -----------------------------------------Octopus Books UK,1973.

Review by Carolyn Groves:

"Basic book of Macrame & Tatting," Octopus Books (British), 1973. I picked up this hard back book from Ebay. The first 39 pages are macramé with 7 projects and directions for working macramé. The rest of the book (89 pages) is tatting. It contains the standard shuttle tatting instructions with pictures of hand positions. There are 21 patterns from edgings to chair sets, doilies, collar and cuff set. The patterns written in long hand with good clear pictures of finished items

Make Many Merrily -------------------------------- Karey Solomon


These motifs are for joining or applique and range from simple hearts and butterflies to squares for tablecloths or runners, and a the more complicated hummingbird and swan patterns. Several patterns call for split rings.

May Sheep Safely Graze -------------------------------- Karey Solomon

Medallions for Beginners 36 motifs easy to advanced ---------------- Angeline Crichlow

Les merveilles de la Frivolité (The Wonderful World of Tattin) -- Jean-David Obeigi (French)

Mini-Tats ----------------------------------Patti Duff

Review by Stephanie:

This book contains 69 "motifs" - mostly snowflakes, but also a stocking, angel, small cross, gingerbread boy and girl, Christmas tree, candy cane, and two hearts, one using split rings (which is one of the prettiest tatted hearts I've tried tatting so far). There is no "how to tat" section, but if you know the basics, you can make many of the snowflakes and other motifs in this book. If you know just a few of the "extras" (SLT, split ring) you can make anything.

The textual material at the front of the book is very helpful and informative and includes a section on how to make a picot gauge from a plastic floss "bobbin." Everything in the book can be made in one round. If the same size thread is used, all of the snowflakes come out approximately the same size. Patti Duff gives (approximate) lengths of thread to wind on the shuttle for each pattern, tells you whether you are tatting clockwise or counter-clockwise, and gives very clear, precise directions in each pattern. As far as *this* tatter could tell, there are no errors in any of the patterns. If one carefully follows the directions as written, EVERYTHING in this book comes out looking VERY good. This may very well become your all-time favorite tatting book.

There is good news and bad news, however. First, the bad news: Minitats is out of print. BUT the good news is, if you contact Patti Duff, you may be able to get a copy printed for you.

Modelli di Chiacchierino ----------------------------------------Anne Meloni (Italian)


Modern Tatted Mignonette ------------------------------------ Judi Banashek (Sprlbnd:1997) 24 pages; Country: USA; Publisher: JB Enterprises, Oklahoma City, OK; ISBN: None;

More Crosses Than You Can Bear ------------------------------- Julie Patterson


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