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Ich Kann Handarbeiten (I Can do Handwork)------------------------see German Tatting Patterns

Il Lavoro Chiacchierino #1 through #13 -------------------------------in Italian


Review by Paty:

Il Chiacchierino #2 This is a tatting-book in Italian with 23 patterns, each with at least one black-and-white picture. It was published 1955 by the makers of Ancora threads the so-called "Ancora - Filati da Ricamo". It has clear directions. On page 1 we can find illustrated how to tat and on the last page there is a list of abbreviations. There are also some funny drawings of the 50's. I am afraid it is no longer available. What I liked the most were the gloves, I wonder if they fit all sizes. I will let you know when I finish them!

Illustrated Dictionary of Tatting (revised)-----------------------------------Judith Connors


Imported Designs of Tatting Book 77 -------------------------------- Spool Cotton Company

Impeccable Tatting -------------------------------- Judi Banashek (Sprlbnd:1996) Notes: 46 pages; Country: USA; Publisher: JB Enterprises, Oklahoma City, OK; ISBN: None;

Review by Pat:

Judi Banashek’s Impeccable Tatting is a technical reference, there are no patterns. After a first reading the book can be used as like any other well organized reference. The book is broken into three main sections: Terminology & Clarification Section; Ends Be Gone Tatting Strategies Section; Planning A New Path. These are followed by four short articles. Most of the articles are in the form of charts dedicated to specific techniques. In my opinion this is one of the best features of the book.

The first section is dedicated to terminology and basic techniques. I still find the article and chart on joins helpful. The final article covers what the author calls Impeccable Front Side (tatting).The second section has three main subsections: Attaching new thread; Concealing Thread Ends; Strategies for Uncut Mobility. The third section, Planning a New Path, is a short guide to planning a path through the pattern so you can implement the techniques from the second section. There is a short fourth section consisting of four articles; three on picots and one entitled “Excellence in Tatting.”

Review by Bev:

I recommend this one to beginners.

Iris -----------------------------------------Iris Niebach


Review by Georgia:

In her third book, Iris Niebach has designed a triangular pattern, Iris, which she uses in multiples to create blocks or individually for edgings. She has cleverly adapted the same design to create a gorgeous butterfly, too!

Iris Niebach E-Book Photo Album #1 CD -----------------------Iris Niebach


The Irish Lace Instructor (1886)---Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

It's All Tatting! (Die Schiffchenarebeit)--------------------------------------------unknown

It's in the Bag! --------------------------------------------------Dianna Stevens

Jiffy Needle Tatting (4 bks) -------------------------------- Selma/Ed Morin

The Joy of Split Ring Tatting -------------------------------- Mary Sue Kuhn

Review by Stephanie:

The book starts with Q & A "about" split rings, then has a how-to section (it looks like she uses the "turn the ring upside down" method), then goes into the patterns. She seems to prefer doing 2-color split rings (I like mine better with 1 color - no problem, just wind 2 shuttles CTM and work the patterns as written). If you DON'T use 2 different colors, be sure to use shuttles that are different colors, as she specifies "color A" and "color B" in the patterns. You are told how much thread is needed on the shuttle and how much is needed on the ball (great to know if you're using "leftover" thread for making the alphabet letters).

Patterns in the book include the ENTIRE alphabet (great for initials on things), a cross bookmark, a doily (made with the same cross as the bookmark but joined together), a snowflake/star, and a collar. Patterns are not difficult to work if you're familiar with split rings. Photographs are in black and white, and show enough detail to see what you're supposed to be doing, but not enough detail to count stitches.

The Joy of Tatting -------------------------------- Mary Sue Kuhn

Julestjerner i Orkis ------------------------------------Lene Bjorn (Danish)


Just Marking Tome ----------------------------------------- Julie Patterson


Kerstgroep (Nativity) ----------------------------Ineke Kuiperji (Dutch)

Kinderspielgoed (Children's Toys) ----------------------------Ineke Kuiperji (Dutch)

Kleurrijk frivolite -------------------------------- Tode Haan-van Beek (Dutch)

Knots! ------------------------------------------------Mary McCarthy


Mary McCarthy, editor of the tatting newsletter "KNOTS!", has published a compilation of previous issues (Vol. 2 #2 through Vol. 3 #1) from the time period of Nov. 1995 through Sept. 1996. Filled with tatting patterns, tips and tales from tatters, it is a good way for newer tatters to catch up on what they've been missing.

Knots and Crosses - 18 Tatted Crosses ------------------ Julie Patterson


Kreatives Occhi------------------------------------Gaby Dandliker & Antoinette Frei-Hofmann


64 pages, fantstically bright and beautiful color photographs on all but about 9 pages, in German. This is a manual in the style of the work of the famous German tatting designer, Helma Siepman. I believe these are her former students. This entire book is dedicated to freeform tatting and concentrates on the formation of picture tatting composed of floral motifs. Absolutely inspirational for the tatter ready to work outside the realm of patterns.

Kreatives OCCHI (Tatting Innovations) -------------------------------------Helma Siepman (English)

Review: This is the original hardbak book translated into English.

Kreatives Occhi (Start Tatting Creatively)---------------------- Helma Siepmann (German)

Review: This is the series of 8 booklets she published as separate lessons in learning her technique while the first hardback edition was out of print.

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