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Easy Cap & Bootie Set with Coordinated Tatted Laces (Dillie Delights series)---------------------- Adrianne B. Rice with Mrs> Kenneth Walker

Easy Tatting ------------------------------------Lyn Morton


Easy Tatting ------------------------------Rozella F. Linden (aka Ruth Perry) (Dover Pubs)


A book of basics with very basic patterns for the novice tatter, it does contain a few extras. There are really good illustrations of the basic stitches and techniques, a hexagonal template for pinning out and a very good diagram and photos showing the difference between a round center ring made traditionally and made with a mock picot.

The patterns include earring, snowflakes and suncatchers with very simple ring and chain combinations. But there is an intriguing heart edging (or insertion) with lots of lacy picots (excellent place for the beginner to learn the use of a picot gauge). And the Snowflake Ornament pattern takes a familiar old-time pattern and presents it with a fresh look as a six-point snowflake, a square motif, combined and expanded to an eight inch doily and a 16-repeat table mat. Excellent adaptations that are very well constructed.

Review by Esther:

The book I *DO* recommend to beginners who don't have access to another human to show the flip is Rozella Linden's (Ruth Perry) "Easy Tatting". I've mailed that book to more people than I can remember. I think it does show a clear explanation of capsizing the knot. I add to my email buddies who are beginning tatters that "It's -ALL- in the 'twang'." I say that if they can get that shuttle thread tensioned enough to twang, then they'll be in the right position to wiggle that double stitch into place with the other hand.

Review by Sara E. Randall:

"Easy Tatting" is a wonderful boook for all beginning tatters. This book covers all the basics of tatting which includes: supplies for tatting, learning to create the double stitch, rings, chains, picots, simple use of beads, joins, fold-over joins, and lock joins. All the patterns in this book are all wonderful as first patterns. Starting out with simple rings, moving on to medallions and snowflakes, to doiles. I highly recommend this book to first-time tatters for its wonderful instructions, easy patterns, and its low price.

Easy to Make Edgings... -------------------------------- DMC #402

Edgings... -------------------------------- Coats & Clark #121

Edgings: A Collector's Book Coats & Clark #1405

Edgings Crocheted & Tatted -------------------------------- Lily Book 58

Edgings for all Purposes -------------------------------- Coats & Clark #228

Elegant Tatting Patterns -------------------------------- Janet Carrol Dover Pubs


Elephant --------------------------------------------- Pam Palmer

Encyclopedia of Needlework * -------------------------------- Therese de Dillmont

Every Woman's Complete Guide to Tatting -------------------------------- Norma Benporath 1952 Australia reprint -------------------------------- by Barbara Foster of Handy Hands Tatting

The Exhibiiton Tatting Book (1862)---Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

A Family of Tatted Christmas Ornaments---------------------- ? Gold

Fancy Pants -----------------------------------------Donna Edwards

Festive Tatting -------------------------------- Marion Leyds DMC #15218

Review by Stephanie:

This book starts with a how to tat section (with drawings of hands), plus a long list of abbreviations (including 3 sizes of picots and the measurements for each size), and tips telling how the patterns are written. The patterns are given "difficulty" ratings. There is also information on laundering and starching your work. Patterns are written in short form, but you will want to mark your place with a sticky note for ease of following along each round.

Many of the patterns are for Christmas tree use - snowflakes, including 3edgings 1 treetop "star/snowflake," 22 motifs (heart, a bell et al) "pinafore" edging, 10 Christmas ball covers, 4 "notepaper" patterns, 4 pincushion edgings, a picture frame, a handkerchief edging, and a little felt needlecase with tatted "embellishments." I bought the book primarily for the ball covers and note paper, but worked several of the "motifs" as well. Photographs are black and white and ball covers show detail pretty well. Motifs are white on black background, but you cannot see stitches. (Technology was not as advanced back then, I guess.) I like this book, and I think it's worth having in my tatting "library."

Filet & Tatting -------------------------------- In German

Filet Crochet & Tatting (Dexter #3) -----------------------------Dexter Yarn Co.

Review: Dexter#3

Copyright 1917 by Lillian Frances Brown, Boston, MA, this antique needlework booklet was produced by the Dexter Yarn Co. Pawtucket, RI and the introduction featured a description of their 100 years of progress. Five pages of the booklet contained tatting patterns, pages 10, 12 -15. It may be freely copied and shared.

Fine Crochet & Tatting #259 -------------------------------- Coats & Clark

Review by Terry McGuffin

"FINE CROCHET AND TATTING" #259 (10 Cent book)©1949, The Spool Cotton Company, New York First Edition 15 pages, about 1/2 of the book is tatting. There are collars, edgings, doilies and a lovely star-shaped doily on pg. 6. Some have been reprinted in other books.

Floriade -------------------------------- Ben Fikkert

Flitting Fingers ----------------------------------------Virgina Mescher


Forget Knot Alaska --------------------------------- Dianna Stevens

Frivolitäten und Knüpfarbeiten --------------------Edith Wallach and Margarete Lang, (German) Berlin, Germany 1923, Ullstein Handarbeitsbücher 12.

Frivolité; 1, 2, 3, 4 Centro de prod de Ediciones Realce Amelber(Spanish, French & English)

Frivolité; Realce #426......................Centro de prod de Ediciones Realce Amelber(Spanish)


Frivolite ----------------------------------------------- L V Demidova (Russian)



La frivolité à l'aiguille pas à pas ------------ Lucette Evain-Lacan 2009??? (French)

Review: Lucette Evain-Lacan's book on needle tatting (in French) contains a complete photographic instructional section for basic needle tatting including split rings, josephine rings and node stitch chains. Directions also given for climbing out using the mock picot. The patterns included range from the most elemental ring and chain repeats to more intricate edgings and basic beaded tatting. Although the text is in French, the detailed photographs and the numbered diagrams make the tatting easy to master.

Many thanks to Lucette Lucette's Blog for sharing her work with the online tatting class.

Frivolite ----------------------------T. A. Klejmenova's (Russian)


Frivolité (Tatting Book 1)---------------------------Nina Kurbatskaya (Russian)


Frivolité (Tatting Book 2)---------------------------Nina Kurbatskaya (Russian)


Frivolité (Tatting Book 3)------------------------------ Nina Kurbatskaya (Russian)


Frivolite-------------------------------------------- Rina Stepnaya (Russian)


Frivolite --------------------------------------------- Tatiana Utkina (Russian)


Frivolité Vroeger en Nu --------------------------------Ariadne Handwerk Bibliotheek (Dutch)

Frivoliteter (Tatting Patterns and Designs) -------------------------- Gun Blomqvist & Elwy Persson (Swedish)

Review by Stephanie:

Published originally in Swedish as Frivoliteter in 1967, The Dover publication was reprinted in 1988 and is slightly abridged from the English version published in 1974. Black-and-white, patterns are in short form, no diagrams. Size of finished piece is given (if worked in the recommended thread). Patterns include edgings, doilies, table mats, "stars" (I'd call them medallions), collars, bookmarks, three "bridal crowns," and other items. There is a section of more "advanced" patterns at the back of the book mostly doilies, but the crowns are back there, too. I really like this book

Fryvolitkova Koronka -------------------------Hana Horakova (Czech)

Frivolitkova krajka ------------------------ Hana Horakova (Czech)

Review by Bob:

Most of the patterns have diagrams and I managed to find translations of some of the words on the internet that help with the instructions. Some of the patterns and designs shown are quite unusual pieces, but not all the items shown have patterns given. A nice book, but a bit of a challenge due to language difficulties.

Review by Anonmyous:

A disappointment as the cover and interior art show a mediocre level of workmanship, little new and lots taken from public domain sources. ISBN 80-251-0217-3 HB 88 pages full colour throughout. 6.3/4" x 9"

From Petals to Pearls ----------------------------------------Linda S Davies 1996

It is a lovely little book. The photos are quite good and I like your explanation of the Rhoda Auld method of adding beads. Your crafting how-2 of putting the flowers into stems is easy to understand also. The tatting techniques are all basic and the combo of the crafting and the tatting to create the 3-d effect is one which I think will encourage the beginning and intermediate tatter to start thinking beyond a straight line.

The Furness Book of Tatting -------------------------------- from New Zealand pre WWII???
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