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Celtic Tatting - A Design Journey on an Ancient Theme --- Rozella F Linden (Ruth Perry)

Review by Bob:

There is a variety of patterns here including a cross, edgings, a leaf, and a capital letter alphabet, all in celtic knotwork. Another lovely book with instructions well explained.

Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns -------------------------- Rozella F Linden (Ruth Perry)

See also:

Review by Bob:

There are 12 patterns, beautifully photographed in colour, with clearly explained instructions for shuttle and needle where it will make a difference. Good diagrams on how to weave the celtic knots. Ruth makes complicated-looking celtic knots much easier to do than you’d think, and the book is a pleasure to own.

Challenge to Tatters: knotting, cording, solid flat, 3-D sculptured, padded, roll stitch, tatting with wire, split rings Vol. 2-------------------Angeline Crichlow

Christmas Tatting -------------------------------- House of White Birches (new)

Christmas Angel and other tatting patterns -------------------------------- Monica Hahn

Review by Stephanie:

Christmas tree ornaments include 2 angels, at least one bell, stars, Christmas tree, poinsettia, a "spider web" ornament, (and probably more). Other patterns in the book include edgings, collars, bookmarks, picture frames, and other things. Black and white photographs, patterns in long form, no diagrams. There's a 3-D tatted butterfly that really is exquisite. (ed. note: Mona Hahn is a national treasure in tatting. Her work has been inspirational for decades.)

Chudesnie Mgnovenia (Wonderful Moments) --------------------- ANKARS Beaded Tatting Book (Russian)


Circle of Children --------------------------------------------------Karey Solomon


"Circle of Cildren," an original doily pattern teaching a variety of intermediate techniques.

Classic Tatting Patterns -------------------------------- Anne Orr Dover Pub

Review by Stephanie:

This is a republication of Tatting, Book No. 34 (Revised) by Anne Orr (1940). Photographs are black and white, "how-to" instructions are at the BACK of the book, patterns are in long form with no diagrams, and print is very small - another book I need a page magnifier to read. There are many edgings, some doilies, and lots of medallions in this book. If you like old patterns, this is a must-have book. The old-time way of writing patterns can be challenging to figure out, but worth the mental gymnastics when you look at the finished product.

Cluny Tatting -------------------------------- Joy Botchlet

Cluny Tatted Designs -------------------------------- "

Complete Book of Tatting * -------------------------------- Rebecca Jones

Review by Linda:

Review by Stephanie:

This book is packed with so much good stuff it's hard to know where to start. I've only had my copy for a month or so, but the pages are getting loose in spots where I've had it open reading, trying things, re-reading, working on new and exciting (to me, at least) techniques. It starts out with a sort of introduction to tatting and its history, then some information about threads, how to wind the shuttle, and stuff like that. THEN there is not one, not two, not three....but SIX different ways to tat - with explanations and clear diagrams of each one. (Unfortunately the friend who told me my technique was "weird" must be right. I don't tat like any of the 6 ways shown in the book.) There is a TON of technical information in this book, from the basics to the more complicated (roll tatting, Cluny for example). While I have been using this as a "reference" book to improve my tatting and expand my "repertoire" of techniques, it also contains patterns, which are diagrammed.

Unless your eyesight is REALLY good, get yourself a magnifier of some sort. I can't read the stitch counts on the diagrams without one. This book has triggered a couple experiments, notably tatting with knitting yarn on one of those big "Tatsy" shuttles, and trying out (short lengths) of tatting the way Mlle. Riego did it - just for fun. The "Tatting Bug" pattern is so cute - makes me want one immediately! At the end of the book there is a list of tatting words in 4 languages: French, German, Italian, and Spanish. While this is not the "flashiest" book I own, it may well be one of the most "useful" and "helpful" ones when it comes to improving my tatting and learning new techniques. For me this book is a "necessity" in my tatting library

The Complete Tatting Book, 2nd ed. (1866)--Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

The Craft of Tatting -------------------------------- Bessie M. Atenborough by Bell & Hyman

Creative Tatting (world edition) aka Tatting Adventures (US edition)------------------------------Judith Connors
Judith Connors notes:

There was no reprint of my book, 'Creative Tatting'. This was the original title, but Lacis went ahead and printed its own US edition, 'Tatting Adventures'. (I knew that this confusion would occur, but try telling that to publishers.) Therefore, the review on your list would read better as: 'Creative Tatting' (world edition) aka 'Tatting Adventures' (US edition). Thanks.

Creative Tatting: Step by Step, Books 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 ------Helma Siepmann


Crochet & Tatting Heirloom Edition ----------------------The Star Book of Crochet and Tatting, #66----------------------The American Thread Co. 1949 (10 cent book), 16 pages.

Crochet and Tatting------------------------------------- Helen Crosier ed. 1953

Review by Carolyn Groves"

"Crochet and Tatting," Helen Crosier (edited by), 1953. Another Ebay purchase, apparently this one came from surplus library stock in Victoria, B.C. It contains sections on several needlework crafts: Teneriffe lace, Knitted lace, Netting, Crochet, Tatting & Braidwork. There are 32 pages of tatting with more than 8 projects (edgings, doilies, collar). It also contains the basic shuttle directions using line drawn hand positions. This is a small hard cover book, 5x8 inches.

Crosses 26 different from easy to advanced Vol. 5--------------------------Angeline Crichlow

Den 3. Orkisbog (The 3rd Tatting Book see review)---------------------irstine Nikolajsen & Inge Lise Nikolajsen

Review: The Third book of tatting patterns includes a terrific bridal hat mittens and other traditional accessories.

Designs by Marsha Brackner[Twinkling Stars and Small Tatted Gifts](now Sanders-Leigh)-----Edited and illustrated by Adrianne Rice © 1986 by Adrianne B. Rice

Dictionary of Abbreviations, Tatting Terms, and a Tatted Alphabet----- Vida Sunderman


Vida Sunderman has a great tatted alphabet in her "Dictionary of Abbreviations, Tatting Terms and Techniques and Tatted Alphabet" It is available by mail (do not call as she does not hear will on the telephone: Vida Sunderman 501 S 12th Str Norfolk NE 68701

Die Schiffchenarebeit (It's All Tatting!) ----------------------------------unknown (German) original cover



This is an antique booklet rescued from obscurity by Asta Cebulla. There are 74 illustrations of tatted lace. There are no patterns. There are no diagrams. Just closeup detailed photos of the tatting. There are some familar early 20th century style patterns and several uses of the "onion dome" rings (rings surrounded by chains.) Nine doilies, two corners, several individual motifs and many edgings suitable for both needle and shuttle tatting. (Sample)

Die Schiffchenspitzen der Frau ---------------------------Eleonore Endrucks-Leichtenstern, (German) Leipzig, Germany, Beyers Handarbeitsbücher 9, 1922

Dillie Delights series

Dillie Delights #1 1983 -------------------------------- Adrianne B. Rice, Dillie Delights POB 7976 Marietta, GA 30065
Dillie Delights #2 1983 -------------------------------- Adrianne B. Rice

Doilies:Luncheon Sets Table Runners -------------------------------- Lily #147

Doilies -------------------------------- Star Doily Book #151

Doilies -------------------------------- Star Book #172

Doilies -------------------------------- Coats & Clark #222

Do-It--Yourself series #13 (Nihon Vogue 1978; see also "Tatted Fashion")--- Teiko Fujito (Japanese, English)

Don't Give Up on Tatting Yet Book 1---------------------- Jeanene P. Shannon 1983 ISBN 9780931716010 ISBN 0931716012 Jeanene's Needles Arts

Don't Give Up on Tatting Yet---------------------- Jeanene P. Shannon PB 1984 ISBN 9780931716010 ISBN 0931716012 Jeanene's Needles Arts

Dorpsplein (The Village) ----------------------------Ineke Kuiperji (Dutch)

Dragon --------------------------------Pam Palmer
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