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Tat Five -------------------------------- Rosemarie Peel

Tat Marks the Spot------------------------------------------------------Karey Solomon


This collection features 21 bookmrks plus a bookplate; several patterns call for split rings. A few of the bookmarks need to be mounted on ribbon or fabric, most are designed so a ribbon may be laced through. One is a cross.

Tat's Where I Stopped:
Review by Bev:

Tat's Where I Stopped: A Year of Tatted Bookmarks by Nancy Tracy This is Nancy's newest book (2007) This 37 page treat is well worth the $17.95 price. First, the format is creative. Each project is designed with the beginning and intermediate student in mind. It calls for one shuttle when using the shoelace trick.(The instructions for this are given) If the shoelace trick isn't preferable, two shuttles will be needed for most of the patterns.

Second, there is an easy project for each month of the year. January has a mittens bookmark, June is a 'flip-flop' corner bookmark, September is a pencil and so forth. Many of the projects would be suitable for making up a key fob, The Baseball and Bat.(April), or an applique made from August's Flower Garden Hat. Color plates before each section show the completed project. Diagrams are large and easy to read; an asset for beginner's learning to read diagrams. The instructions are well written and there is a key to the tatting terminology used in the patterns.

Nancy believes that tatting is about "creativity and fun." Therefore, the tatter does not have to use the same colors or sizes of thread for the projects. The tatter can, as Nancy suggests, "even change the design to suit your needs". It is available directly from Nancy at

Tatted Animals --------------------------- Inga Madsen

Tatted Bags -------------------------------- Alison Addicks

Tatted Bookmarks, cross-shaped -------------------------Lene Bjørn

Tatted Bookmarks-------------------------------ed., Barbara Foster, Handy Hands


Review by Stephanie:

This book was published in 2001. This tatter bought it hot-off-the-press, all excited and ready to get tatting, then promptly moved to another city and forgot to drag the book out until about 2 weeks ago. Great discovery: this is a really nice book! All bookmarks - several crosses, but also a few other designs. If you're not fond of tatting crosses, not to worry - the cross designs would look nice if you just did a longer version of just one "arm" of the cross. You may have to figure out how/where to start and stop, but with some "figuring" that shouldn't be a problem for you.

Patterns can be made with either shuttle OR needle - when there are things that needle tatters may need to do differently from shuttle tatters, there are notes to that effect. Patterns are written in short form but are very clear. No diagrams, but nice color photos with an arrow superimposed to indicate starting point (when necessary). Thread recommended is mostly Flora size 20, but there is one bookmark that uses size 50 thread. No "technical" section, but the book DOES include a "finishing tips" section that tells how to make a tassel, twisted cord, and how to block the finished bookmark. Patterns are rated for "difficulty" level, but even the "intermediate-experienced" level patterns are pretty straightforward. If you can tat with shuttle (or needle) and ball, THIS tatter would be willing to say you CAN make the bookmarks in this book. No "advanced" techniques needed for anything in the book. Since they're bookmarks, they work up relatively "fast"** in case you need a small gift or remembrance for someone at the "last" minute. (**depends on how fast you tat) This is a very nice book.

A Tatted Bouquet of Orchids ----------------------------- Toni Storer


Tatted Butterflies ----------------------------------------------- Adelheid Dangela


Tatted Butterflies --------------------------------------Teri Duesenbury

Tatted Butterflies -------------------------------- Monica Hahn

Tatted Chatelaine -------------------------------- Linda Driskell

Tatted Dimensional Dolls ------------------- Katie Ballard

Tatted Fashion (retitled from "Nihon Vogue's "Do-It--Yourself" series #13, 1978--- Teiko Fujito


Tatted Flowers: Garden & Wayside Collection -------------------------------- by Pat Monroe

Tatted Handkerchiefs -------------------------------------- Kirstine & Inge Lise Nikolajsen


Tatted Lace of Beads: The Techniques of Beanile Lace--------------Nina Libin


Nina Libin brings fresh insight into the art of creating beaded tatting, or as she says, tatted lace of beads. Her first book, "Tatted Lace of Beads The Techniques of Beanile Lace" leads us on a journey of discovery and exploration of the many possible combinations of beads, threads, and knots. As a primer for learning the basic stitches in tatting, it offers step by step instructions and detailed illustrations showing the movements of the hands. It goes on to examine multiple traditional ways to incorporate beads in the tatting. Placement of beads on both rings and chains and over joins are practiced through eighteen projects.

After grounding the tatter in a solid understanding of tatting enhanced with beads, she leads us beyond the ordinary to explore beading enhanced by tatting. Here a new art form is created from the merging of these two traditional crafts. This merger brings to life delicate tendrils of filigree lace glistening with beads and gem stones. And such three-dimensional beaded tatting encourages the creation of stunning jewelry and appliques. It can be formed into clothing accessories and used to replace the traditional elements of Irish Lace Crochet to awe-inspiring effect.

The photography of the tatted lace and the beaded lace is remarkable clear and close up. The details in the trefoils, plant scrolls and filigree motifs is outstanding. The definitions used incorporate the traditional tatting terms with abbreviations developed specifically to explain the Beanile Lace techniques. Although some parts of the pattern directions appear algebraic in nature a quick read of the definitions makes it all easy to follow.

Beanile Lace will be both challenging and intriguing to both tatters and beaders alike.

Review by Bev:

Nina Libin's first Bead Book is marvelous - for learning to tat with beads, and for a variety of stitching patterns in the front - on which to practice.

The Tatted Lace Patterns of Emmy Liebert ----------------------Emmy Liebert 1921, Lacis reprint of "Schiffchen Arbeiten I & II"

Review: See "Schiffchen Arbeiten I & II"

Tatted Lace with Tips & Techniques -------------------------------- Mona Hahn

Tatting: New Concepts & Techniques, by Judi Banashek (TPB:1993) Notes: 94 pages; Country: USA; Publisher: JB Enterprises, Oklahoma City, OK; ISBN: None;

Tatting Online the Offical 1999 Tat Chat Pattern Book----------Georgia Seitz, ed.


Tatted Originals Butterflies/Snowflakes -------------------------------- Klosterman

Tatted Ornaments -----------------------------------------Terry McGuffin

Tatted Ornaments and Decorations -------------------------------- Helen A. Chesno

Tatted Samplers ---------------------------Karen Lindsay


Tatted Snowflakes -------------------------------- Vida Sunderman pub by Dover

Tatted Suncatchers and Snowflakes -------------------------------- Carolyn Regnier

Tatterly's Delight --------------------------------------------- Dianna Stevens

The Tatter's Treasure Chest -------------------------------- Mary Carolyn Waldrep, Dover Pubs

Review by Stephanie:

A little of almost everything you can think of: coasters, "luncheon" sets, collars, doilies and place mats, edgings - some I've never seen in another book before, baby caps/bonnets, and more. These patterns are from thread company booklets from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Black and white photos, no diagrams, patterns are written in long form. The items in this book are exquisite. This book is definitely a treasure!

Tatting ---------------------------Bernadette Baldelli

Review by Carolyn Groves:

This book was originally published in Italy(1999) and translated to English and subsequently published by DMC. Paperback book 8.5 x 11 inches. The book contains 25 patterns grouped by themes (Precious, Miniatures, Christmas, etc.) Basic shuttle instructions are given, but I don't think I'd want to try learning from them. Patterns are written in long hand with fairly good diagrams (without stitch counts)and good clear pictures of finished items.

Tatting -------------------------------- Cathy Bryant

Tatting Book #183 ------------------------------------------------------Coats & Clark, The Spool cotton Co.

Review by Terry:

"Tatting" Clark’s O.N.T. Book #183 (10 cent book). Contains luncheon sets, doilies, collars, edgings. The Spool Cotton Company, ©1942. All of these patterns are duplicated in "
Tatting #229 -------------------------------- Coats & Clark

Review by Terry:

"Tatting" #229 (10 Cent book,) Clark’s O.N.T. J. & P. Coats. AKA Star book (Tatting & Cushion Sets) #229 (15 cents) 1948 pub. in Canada. It contains handkerchief edgings, edgings, table cloth, placemats, 23 pages. Most patterns repeated in "The Tatter’s Treasure Chest."©1946, The Spool Cotton Company, first edition, H-9950 C-15 23 pages. Mostly reprinted in Tatter’s Treasure Chest.

Tatting #143 ------------------------------------------------Coats & Clark (The Spool Cotton CO.)

Review by Terry:

"Tatting" #142(10 cent book,) Clark’s O.N.T. J. & P. Coats ©1939, The Spool Cotton Co. There are patterns for towel edgings, medallions, some with woven sections in the doily, sdgings, collars, and Baby Bonnet, 23 pages. Most patterns have been reprinted. Patterns are written in lLonghand pattern notation.

Tatting (Craft Collection) ----------------------------------------------no pub info

Tatting -------------------------------- DMC #8632

Tatting -------------------------------- Thérèse de Dillmont DMC 8632-2 Older cover 1974 cover

Review by Bev:

Another good 'beginner' tatting book from DMC is "TATTING" the 1974 Editions Th. de Dillmont (printed in France.) The contents cover materials needed, and photos of 'how to tat'. Picots, Rose motif insertion and a lace made of rose motifs. Abbreviations used in the patterns are given. An hexagonal pattern and a section on Church Lace, picot lace, Josephine Picots; motifs, flower, chevron insertions, Round, Triangle, Gothic Arch, Four Clover leaves, tray cloths, table mats, and a large lace motif.

Tatting -------------------------------- Myra Piper

Tatting -------------------------------- Irene Waller

Tatting (Hairpin) -------------------------------- Stillwell

Tatting -------------------------------- Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere(1850)

Tatting with Tatsy--------------------------------Carol Winandy

Tatting (Needle tatting) -------------------------------- Carol M Winandy

Tatting 1: The Basics (Video)--------------------------------Mildred Shire Clark
Review by Esther:

Another thing I recommend to beginners is not a book. It's the video by Mildred Clark produced by Victorian Video Petaluma, CA : Victorian Video Productions, 1990. 1 videocassette (80 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. VHS format. Summary: Learn the basic stitch, picots, joinings and how to create chains and rings in the traditional tatting method. ISBN 0936225289

I have purchased this video and have loaned it to people around the country. I think it's tremendously clear about how to capsize knots and gives a good boost to people who don't have access to a real life tatting teacher. [I can't do the shuttle movements the way she shows, however. Just have never mastered her spartanly economical movements.]

Tatting 101 ---------------------------------------Nadine Nunnelley

Tatting: 101 Motifs and Edgings ------------------------Teiko Fujito


Tatting, Books #1,2,3,4,5,&6 (reprints of 1920's-30's)------------- House of White Birches

Tatting a 4 Square Ring -----------------------------------Mary Maynard


Tatting Adventures (US edition) aka Creative Tatting (world edition)---------Judith Connors

Judith Connors notes: There was no reprint of my book, 'Creative Tatting'. This was the original title, but Lacis went ahead and printed its own US edition, 'Tatting Adventures'. (I knew that this confusion would occur, but try telling that to publishers.) Therefore, the review on your list would read better as: 'Creative Tatting' (world edition) aka 'Tatting Adventures' (US edition).

Tatting Adventures ---------------Judith Connors

Tatting Adventures -------------------------------------------Ben Fikkert


Tatting Adventures with bead, shuttle & needle ---------------Judith Connors

Tatting; a fascinating book of delicate lace designs #207------------------------ Coats & Clark, the Spool Cotton Co.

Review by Terry:

"Tatting; a fascinating book of delicate lace designs," (10 cent book) The Spool Cotton Company, ©1944, #207. Traditional patterns for edgings, collars, doilies. All contained in "The Tatter’s Treasure Chest" by Mary Carolyn Waldrep (Dover Pubs), and other books

Tatting Alaskan Style (Snowflakes) -------------------------------- Georgia Seitz

Review: The Ribbonwinners Series -

Tatting and Beads Book 3 ---------------------------------Mitsuko Ikuta (Japanese)

Tatting & Design; Lyn Morton's 4th Book of Patterns ---------------Lyn Morton


Tatting Book No. 13 -----------------------------------------Anne Orr (See Tatting with Anne Orr)

Tatting Book #35 -----------------------------------------------------Anne Orr

Review by Terry:

"Tatting", ORR, Ann #35 Revised.©1940 Centerpieces, Doilies, Medallions 31 pages. Often reprinted in other books.

br>Tatting Book #43 -------------------------------------------------Anne Orr Studio

Review by Terry:

"Tatting" ORR, Ann #43, From Ann Orr Studio, Nashville, TN ©1942. Patterns for centerpieces, small medallions, edgings (published in other books but one unusual daisy edging, a large awesome tablecloth in square medallions, oval doilies, square doilies. Written in long hand, some not since published designs. Nice book. Only 15 pages but packed with lovely designs.

Tatting Collage -------------------------------- Lindsay Rogers

Review by Stephanie:

This book is different from any other tatting book I've encountered - instead of photos, patterns, and diagrams for a "specific" project, this book gives little ...well..."doo-dads" that can be combined to make all sorts of pretty things, along with photos of projects you can MAKE with thiese little tatted items. Photographs are really pretty, and the instructions and diagrams given are clear.

There are 9 numbered sections/chapters: 1)Brief history or tatting, 2)Tools and techniques, 3)How to use the book, 4)Stationery, gift tags, key rings, 5)Small cards/paperweights, 6)bookmarks/door finger plates, 7)favours/Dollhouse Doyleys, 8)Bonsai tree pictures, and 9)Special occasion cards. Also given is an appendix with a couple "basic" edgings. Each section (from sections 4 - 9) gives a number of small items with instructions and a small diagram. After the small items for that section are given, ways to combine them into little pictures are shown, with individual items coded so the tatter knows which things to make for that picture.

This tatter fell in love with the bonsai trees and made the Japanese cherry tree bonsai to give to the owners of a Japanese restaurant. Although the collages in the book are shown in black and white, and white is recommended for the collages, this tatter did it in cherry-blossom pink, brown, and green, and the results DID look much like a Japanese cherry tree. The component parts of the pictures - work up relatively quickly (depending on your tatting speed, of course). After making a bunch "straight from the book," new and adventurous "original" cards started pouring out - using the basic component parts from this book. It's fun! Try it! Once you get past the "I can't draw" phase and start putting things together, you'll have a ball.) What a fun book!

Tatting Designs from Victorian Lace Craft (reprint of Priscilla #1)--- J & K Kliot, Lacis Pubs

Tatting Dimpled Rings -------------------------------- Joy Botchlet

Review by Bob:

Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers ISBN 1-86108-020-4 There is a brief history of tatting sections, followed by a couple of pages of tips and advice. This book contains many small motifs with shorthand written directions and diagrams with black and white photos and is inspiring stuff for those wanting to create their own pictures, paperwieghts, keyrings and other small or large projects using flowers, birds, butterflies etc. There are no large individual pieces in this book, but you could put lots of the small motifs together to make a large project.

Tatting Doilies & Edgings -------------------------------- Rita Weiss, Dover Pubs

Review by Stephanie:

This book contains a selection of patterns from various books/booklets published by different thread companies between 1920 and 1944. Black-and-white pictures, patterns are in long form, no diagrams, and print is a little small - I bought an inexpensive "page magnifier" to help me SEE to read the patterns. Patterns include doilies, edgings, place mats, chair sets (antimacassars and the little doilies to protect the arms of the chair, too), and (probably) more things I forgot to mention. Some patterns have "interesting" names ("Whip Cream Frill"), some are identified only with numbers (edging "no. 3009"), but everything in the book is pretty and looks "do-able."

Tatting Down the Garden Path ----------------------------------- Toni Storer


Tatting, Edgings and Insertions (1861)----------Mlle. Riego de la Branchardiere

Tatting Fantasia ---------------------------------------Iris Niebach
Tatting Fantasia 2 ------------------------------------Iris Niebach


Tatting for Baby -------------------------------- Helen A. Chesno

Tatting for the Beginner. -------------------------------- Nettie Lou Stafford Shipp

Review by Esther:

This was my very first tatting book. I saw this on a shelf at House of Fabrics. I had never heard of tatting so I was intrigued. For the few dollars it cost me, I was game to try to learn. I bought the only shuttle I could find that day. I drove myself to tears of frustration trying to learn from the book.

Luckily a friend came to visit from far away. I told her my tale of grief and woe. She said that her mother had shown her how to tat many years before and suggested that perhaps we could decipher the instructions together if the book gave her memory a nudge. We spent the afternoon with Ms. Shipp's instructions and we finally figured out the flip.

The short story is that I would not recommend a beginner try to learn from this book without a friend to help. Despite the title, it's not the kind of book that's totally beginner-friendly. I haven't looked at it in a while but I do know that I accomplished several of the patterns in the book. So, while the patterns are beginner-friendly enough, the 'how to tat' section is not for absolute beginners who don't have access to another tatter who can demonstrate the knot-capsizing flip.

Review by Stephanie:

This was my first tatting book. I was hoping to teach myself to tat, but the elderly lady who owned the needlework shop said you couldn't learn from a book. It had photographs, so I was sure I could do it. I couldn't, but she was willing to teach me, so I was back at the shop the next day, eager to get going "for real." That was in 1986. There is a page of information on "equipment," stitches, laundering, and starching (sugar starch recipe included), and a short "how to tat" section with photographs. Patterns are written in "long form" and include 6 edgings (all of which are beginner-friendly), 26 snowflakes (many of which I made, but some looked too "scary" to try in my beginner days), and 2 cross bookmarks, both of which LOOK beginner-friendly, but I only made one of them. If you already KNOW how to tat, this book is ok for a beginner, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone to LEARN from.

Tatting for Pleasure -------------------------------- Rosemarie Peel

Tatting for Special Occasions Edgings -----------------------------Lindsay Rogers


14 patterns. Beautiful work.

Tatting for Special Occasions: Flowers ---------------------------- Lindsay Rogers

Review by Bob:

There are lovely colour photographs on the inside and outside of the covers with black and white pictures on the pages. There are good diagrams with clear text, and there are several different leaves and flowers that can be used in combination with one another to give many different effects. A bit of a challenge working with fishing line and wire along with threads and beads, but Lindsay gives some good tips and the results are lovely.

Review by Erin:

This book was published by Lindsay Art 'n' Lace, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HG, ISBN No. 0 9524353 6 5 21pp. Illus.

In Book 3 of her series on tatting for special occasions, Lindsay introduces the reader to her techniques for tatting flowers which she has developed over the years. All blooms are illustrated on the front and back covers in color (and she's used some lovely threads and beads). The book begins with hints for better executing her patterns. She has included clear hand-drawn illustrations of her techniques where necessary. The book contains written patterns for approximately 12 flowers and two versions of leaves. Lindsay also offers some good suggestions for personalizing the patterns to suit the readers needs. This book would be good for an advanced beginner to intermediate tatter. Skills used are primarily rings and chains with beads. Oh, and fishing line. ;-)
Tatting for Special Occasions Mats ---------------------------------Lindsay Rogers


8 mats (doilies)

Tatting for Today -------------------------------- DMC #15209

Tatting For Tomorrow -------------------------------- Vida Sunderman

Tatting for the Tree ------------------------------------Karey Solomon


Tatting from Burda (BURDA/Praxis Occhi Schiffchenarbiet)---------------------------------------------------English translation


Tatting from Start to Finishing -------------------------------- Bev Dillon VIDEO GREAT!

Tatting Fundamentals & Patterns --------------------------Leo Vonn

Tatting Hearts -------------------------------- Teri Duesenbury, Dover Pubs

Review by Stephanie:

The book begins with a nice, informative introduction (history of tatting), then gives several pages of "how to tat" that include the basics plus split ring (dead-spider method), and "stacking" (which Teri Dusenbury may have invented) - a way of making 3-D effects. There are 12 tatted heart patterns in this book, rated for difficulty (novice, intermediate, advanced). Patterns are given in "short" form, and an explanation of how to read the patterns is given in the section at the beginning of the book. Some use split rings, some do not. Recommended thread size is given. All hearts use at least 2 shuttles (3 of them use 3 shuttles). At least one of the patterns uses the "stacking" technique. Pictures are in black and white; some of them are detailed enough to be able to count stitches with a magnifying glass, others are not quite that detailed. These are not quick-and-easy hearts that can be completed in an hour or less (well, not by most of us, at least), but they ARE pretty.

Tatting: Historic Lacemaking Method -------------------------------- Leo Vonn

Tatting History (Shire Album) -------------------------Pam Palmer

Tatting Innovations (Kreatives OCCHI)--------------------------------------Helma Siepman


Tatting: It's in the Bag! -----------------------------------Dianna Stevens


The patterns are ingenious, challenging and ever so cute. The Victorian bag model I have seen and it has lots of beads and the most clever use of one shuttle work to cover a seam! You'll love it! It's in the Bag! Available direct from Dianna, too. Contact:

Tatting - Just Knots --------------------------------------------------- Kirstine & Inge Lise Nikolajsen


Review by Stephanie Wilson:

"Tatting - Just Knots: Tatting for Beginners" contains 56 pages. The book describes tatting "basics" completely with very nice drawings in the how-to section. Quite a lot of material is covered in the beginning of the book. It also covers left-handed tatting, too - complete with great illustrations. There are quite a few patterns in this book - a couple different "candle guard" patterns, hair scrunchy, edgings, all kinds of nice things to make. The book states that there is something to appeal to all age groups, and I think they're right - there is such a WIDE range of patterns (with really nice color photos for each) that EVERYBODY should be able to find something they want to make from this book!

Patterns are clear and easy to follow, with diagrams for each pattern in addition to the written instructions. Some patterns include beads. Items in the book, diagrams, and general "style" and "looks" of the book are very similar to "The Third Tatting Book" (by the same tatters.) I'm not sure I'd have been able to handle tatting without someone to teach me, even with this book, but I SURE wish it had been available when I learned to tat. These patterns are fantastic, but still beginner-easy. This is definitely a "keeper."

Tatting Lace -------------------------------------------Sumi Fujishige


Tatting Lace --------------------------------------------Teiko Fujito ( Japanese)

Tatting Lace (Ondori's Tatting Lace) -----------------------------------------------Ondori Pubs (Japanese)


Tatting Lace: A New Approach to Tatting -------------------- Yusai Shokoin (Japanese)

Review by Jon:

This is a book in Japanese and I don't understand or read Japanese at all. But the diagrams are quite clear to follow. The book has a very good tutorial page that covers the basic technique and also split chains & split ring, double picot and block tatting. All tutorials have pictures that are easy to follow even without knowing a word of Japanese.

The book has patterns that use lots of beads, one of the reasons why I bought the book, It doesn't just focus on doilies and motifs. There are patterns for using tatting in a variety of things like purses, pins, pincushions and such.

Tatting in Lace -------------------------------- Mary Konior

Tatting: It's Not Just Doilies Anymore!----------------- Georgia Seitz
Review: The Ribbonwinners Series -

Tatting Lace -------------------------------- In Japanese

Tatting Lace -------------------------------- Takashima In Japanese

Tatting Made Simple -------------------------------- Helen A. Chesno

Tatting Miscellany ------------------------------- Lindsay Rogers


Tatting Knots and Notes Revisited Book 1 --------------------------------Doretha Albee


The editor of Tatting Knots and Notes has made a compilation of past issues for those who are new to tatting, "Tatting Knots and Notes Revisited Book 1." It contains reprints of patterns from the newsletter from Vol 7 issue 3 through Volume 12 (January 1992 - August 1997). A must have book!

Tatting on the Edge (and Beyond) -------------------------------- Georgia Seitz

Review: The Ribbonwinners Series -

Tatting or Frivolite -------------------------------- Mrs. Mee and Mrs. Austin

Tatting Ornaments ---------------------------------------------Terry McGuffin
Review by Bob:

Tatted Ornaments by Terry the Tatter. This book is mainly Christmas tree baubles in a range of stunning patterns. There are clear colour photos and shorthand instructions including size of thread and dimensions of ornament. There are round baubles, bell shaped ones, and also some patterns to do on eggs. Very pretty work.

Review by Bob:

There are lots of small motifs to start with and some lovely doilies and crowns for the more experienced tatter too. Black and white photos, good clear shorthand instructions. There is a short section on technique at the front of the book. A nice book with a range of patterns to suit all abilities.

Tatting Patterns -------------------------------- Mary Konior

Tatting Patterns --------------------------------------Lyn Morton


Review by Bev:

For a variety of patterns my favorite book is Lyn Morton's book, Tatting Patterns. (Ed.: This is a compilation of Lyn's first 4 books.)

Review by Stephanie:

Here is another book with exquisite photographs. (Originally this book was another "just for the pictures" purchase.) The directions are clear and well-written, often even telling you how much thread to wind onto the shuttle. In addition to the written directions, there is a diagram provided for each pattern. As a relative "beginner" tatter when this book was purchased, a few of the patterns were a bit challenging, but not too difficult. Some of the patterns use split rings, many do not. The book includes many round "motifs" that can be used as snowflakes (done in white), or for other purposes (done in colors). Some motifs can be joined together to make table mats or doilies, others (5-sided ones, particularly) are best used singly. There are some very pretty edgings, motifs, doily (more than one?), collar (at least 2), and other items in this book. There is a "jewelry" section that includes a "wedding hoop" - the photo of this necklace is so beautiful that *this* tatter bought the book mostly to have that pattern. There may be a "wedding" section, too (the book is in another state right now - can't double check). A "greetings cards" section gives additional motifs, many of which have been made by *this* happy tatter and fastened into hoops, sewn onto clothing, or actually used to make a card. This is a fantastic book!

There may be an error in one of the patterns: the "wedding hoop" is beautifully diagrammed and instructions are wonderfully clear, but the resulting piece of lace, while still very pretty, does not seem to match the photograph. By looking closely at the photograph, it is fairly simple to create a piece of lace that more closely matches the photograph in the book, but the process used to *get* that piece of lace no longer matches the diagram and instructions. Even with this minor problem, this is still an excellent book.

Tatting Patterns -------------------------------- Julia E. Sanders (Dover Pubs) (See The Priscilla Tatting Book #2)

Review by Stephanie:

From what I could tell, this is a reprint of Priscilla No. 2 (1915). It definitely LOOKS like "vintage" patterns. Some of the patterns use Coronation Cord (no longer made, although the intro says "soutache braid" makes a "workable substitute." (Do they still make soutache braid?)[Ed. note: Yes, soutache braid is still available] The book contains edgings (some of them really gorgeous!), doilies, collars (some appliqued on net), at least one flower for your hair, a couple bonbon baskets (3-D), padded tatting, an alphabet, some bags (one beaded, another with coronation cord, a couple more without 'extras'), jewelry (with beads), candle shades (one of them with beads), baby bonnets (one really pretty one!), at least one 3-D flower for your hair (plus the "flat" one mentioned earlier). (Motifs used in the various items can be used for other purposes with a little imagination, and we tatters are FULL of imagination.)

Techniques include (but are not limited to) padded tatting, 3-D tatting, use of coronation cord, "set" stitch, lattice work (this MAY use the alligator join, it's hard for me to tell from the description in the pattern), and other techniques. Patterns are in the old "long" form. Thread sizes are often recommended, and number of "balls" of thread are recommended sometimes, but this was from almost 100 years ago - it doesn't say how many yards/meters of thread are in the ball, or indicate the size of the ball. In addition, some of the threads may not be available today, but substitutes are fairly easy to find in most cases.

Tatting Patterns and Designs -------------------------- Gun Blomqvist & Elwy Persson Dover Pubs

Review by Stephanie:

The Dover publication (1988) is slightly abridged from the English version published in 1974 (published originally in Swedish as Frivoliteter in 1967). Black-and-white, patterns are in short form, no diagrams. Size of finished piece is given (if worked in the recommended thread). Patterns include edgings, doilies, table mats, "stars" (I'd call them medallions), collars, bookmarks, three "bridal crowns," and other items. There is a section of more "advanced" patterns at the back of the book mostly doilies, but the crowns are back there, too. I really like this book

Tatting Patterns Old & New -------------------------------- Helen A. Chesno

Tatting: A Potpourri of Patterns -------------------- Barbara Foster (reprints of oldies +)

Tatting: Ring of Flowers ------------------------------------Mary Maynard


Tatting Shuttles of American Collectors -------------Heidi Nakayama


Tatting Special -------------------------------- House of White Birches Monica Hahn

Tatting Step by Step -------------------------------- Katie? Ballard

Tatting Talk: A Self-Improvement Guide for Tatters-------------------Georgia Seitz

Review: The Ribbonwinners Series - Book 5 and Book 6

Tatting Technique & History -------------------------------- Elgiva Nicholls
Review by Margaret:

I have really only used two books. The first by Elgiva Nicholls at the library was an old copy but the idea of starting with just the lark's head knot in two colours before picking up any shuttle proved very helpful both for myself and my girlfriend.

Review by Bev:

For a complete History and Evolution of Tatting, Elgiva Nicholls Tatting Technique and History is very interesting and helpful. There are photographic plates that illustrate the text. The section on Using Multiple Threads offers a few patterns for practice. Photographs are given for node stitch chain, perle beading chain, chain in raised tatting, quatrefoil, flower stalks and flowers. An example of working in metallic thread is the dragonfly. Preparing work for exhibition is also covered. This is one of the 3 books that I, personally, think is a 'must' for tatters. The other two would be Rebecca Jones' book and Judy Banashek's "Advanced Techniques" book.

Tatting Technique & History -------------------------------- Elgiva Nicholls Dover Pubs.

Review by Stephanie:

This book doesn't have any patterns (except for a few VERY basic ones in the beginner section, but as a beginner I would have needed something more explicit, I think). It is entirely about the history of tatting, and tatting technique. The book is a gold-mine of information ABOUT tatting. If you're looking for patterns, don't get this one. If you want to know more about tatting history and technique, this is one you'll want for your library. There are line drawings to illustrate some points, and black-and-white photographs show examples of tatting. Good information in this book both for beginners AND those with some experience.

Tatting: The Contemporary Art of Knotting with a Shuttle ----------------------Rhoda L. Auld


Review by Sue:

This is a wonderful book, especially for designers, and one that I have used often for inspiration. As well as having a small section on history, tools, and basic technique photos, it has a great section on adding beads in many different ways, and a design section showing lots of drawings of basic formations, what she calls "building blocks . . . as a starting point for ideas." By the sample you can definitely tell this book was published in the 1970's during the big macrame revival era. In a chapter called 'Breaking the Rules' she describes a three-dimensional bobble she has used as a butterfly body. She promotes looking at tatting in new ways, encouraging the tatter to experiment and try new variations.

Tatting Times Edgings --------------------------------------------------------Karey Solomon


More than 20 edging patterns, many original, with illustrations, history and suggestions for use. Most were in Tatting Times (1992 & 1993); most are simple.

Tatting Times Two --------------------------------------------------------Karey Solomon


Tatting Tiny Treasures:Miniature Tatting for Dollhouses -------------------- Georgia Seitz

Review: The Ribbonwinners Series -

Tatting Treats 1, 2, and 3-------------------------------- Pam Palmer
1. Book 1
3. Book 3

Tatting with Anne Orr -------------------------------- Anne Orr Dover Pubs 1989

Review by Bob:

Tatting with Anne Orr. ISBN 0-486-25982-x There is a short section at the beginning with basic tatting instructions, but it is only a couple of pages. There is a variety of patterns including doilies of varying sizes, baby bonnets, place mats, medallions and lots of edgings. it is an old-fashioned book, with black and white photographs, no diagrams, and "longhand" pattern instructions. The work is very pretty, and if you like the more traditional style of doilies, as I do, then you will enjoy this book.

Review by Bev:

40 photographs 8 1/4 x 11" paperbound. A Dover Book. This book is comprised of patterns created during the first half of the twentieth century, featuring more than 100 designs, 50 edgings (forget-me-not, shamrock et cet), 40 medallions (triangular, circular, square and snowflake; collars and yokes; luncheon sets, baby items (3 caps). Photographed on a black background the stitches are easy to see as well as being fully described. This is the book that has photographs and explanation of the Reverse stitch, abbreviations and notes to beginners

Review by Stephanie:

This book is a combination of two books. It contains an altered and abridged version of Anne Orr's "Tatting Book No. 13," and "The Star Book of Tatting Designs No. 2" (the Star book was published in 1935, Anne Orr's Book #13 was not dated as far as I can tell). There is a brief introduction, a short "how to tat" and a "how to do 'reverse stitch,' section" (which was what Anne Orr called split rings). Patterns are pretty old-fashioned (which is to be expected since they're from the early part of the 20th century!) but this is the whole reason I WANTED this book - for the "old fashioned" patterns. There are about 40 medallions, around 50 edgings, some doilies, "luncheon sets," 3 baby bonnets, a very pretty pair of booties, and a few other items. Vintage patterns are fairly easy to work, but sometimes take a little experimenting before I can get them to look exactly right they're somehow "different" from what we're used to, and it takes a bit of thought and a little time to work out mentally before you get it "just right." In spite of (or maybe because of) the mental gymnastics required, I really, REALLY like this book

Tatting with Beads -------------------------------- Rosemarie Peel

Tatting with Beads 2 -------------------------------- Rosemarie Peel


Tatting with Buttons -------------------------------------------------Karey Solomon


19 Simple tatting ptterns to showcase favorite buttons. Includes several hearts, motifs, a doily, a collar, a sun catcher to make with colored translucent buttons, a picture frame, garland, edging, bag, butterfly and more. Button history and sizing information as well.

Tatting with Buttons 2 ------------------------------------Karey Solomon


Tatting with Colour -------------------------------- Rosemarie Peel

Tatting with Friends -----------------------------------------Georgia Seitz, ed.

Review: The Ribbonwinners Series - Book 5 and Book 6

Tatting with a Needle for Beginners G. Bromley

Tatting with One Hand -------------------------------- Helen A. Chesno


Tatting with One Shuttle Book 1 -----------------------------Mark Myers
to order:

Tatting with Tatsy -------------------------------- Carol Winandy

Review by Connie:

"Tatting" by Tatsy (©1989 Carol M. Winandy)I used to teach myself (or started learning anyway) tatting. I found her picture by picture steps really helpful. I was making rings in about an hour or a little less.

Review by Stephanie:

I bought the book primarily for the patterns. I had only just learned to tat, and these looked "do-able," even for a beginner. My favorite pattern in the entire book is probably the hat/bonbon basket. With a handle, and starched a certain way, this makes a cute bonbon basket. Without the handle, and stiffened a little differently, it makes a cute hat. I've made this little hat in everything from size 10 thread down to sewing thread (size 80 might fit Barbie - not sure), and it looks cute. Thread a narrow ribbon through as a hatband, tie it in a bow, and it really is cute. There are other cute things in the book, too - an angel/bell (finished one way it's a 3-D bell, another way, you can make 3-D angel), a cute little fan (bookmark or just a cute little motif to sew on to something), a butterfly, snowflakes, and lots of other pretty little things. The most inspiring part of the book when I first bought it was the comments in there about what to DO with all that stuff once you made it - sew it on everything, which is what I did! I've had a LOT of fun with that little book over the years.

Tatting with Visual Patterns * -------------------------------- Mary Konior

Review by Bob:

Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. ISBN 0-7134-8802-6 This book has many edgings, table decorations, collars and smaller motifs to choose from. There are good colour photographs and clear diagrams as well as "shorthand" written instructions. There are helpful "knowhow" boxes periodically throughout the book with tips and advice. There is a basic techniques section at the back of the book, with a glossary of terms

Review by Esther:

I bought this book because I got the wrong impression from its title. I thought it was going to be a tutorial on how to sit down with a visual pattern you've never seen before and figure out how to do it. To wit, I had a copy of "24 Snowflakes" from Denmark (or some other far off land) and the patterns are all visual. I'm TOTALLY at a loss about how to accomplish even the easiest of the easy snowflakes. I look at the patterns and haven't a clue where to start or how to proceed.

I saw the title of the Konior book and thought "This is my ANSWER!" I was sure that this book would teach me all I need to know to decipher any visual tatting pattern. I was mistaken.

It's a lovely book and I've enjoyed working several patterns from it. But don't be misled by the title. It is not a tutorial for how to sit down at any old visual tatting pattern and be able to figure out which is a split ring, which is a regular ring, when to reverse work, when to shoe lace trick, when to encapsulate, when to do self-closing mock ring, when to split chain, etc.

Review by Stephanie:

A 1-page section at the beginning of the book gives a color-coded key to interpret the diagrams so you can tell if you're supposed to do a split ring, a Josephine ring, join the picots, don't join the picots, etc. Diagrams are done in bright pink and bright blue, which makes them easier to interpret. In among the actual "patterns" are little "know-how" boxes, which are numbered. Various patterns refer the tatter to related "know-how" boxes for further instruction/enlightenment on the subject. Some of the "know-hows" are pretty basic (in my opinion), some of them were more "exotic" (to me), but ALL of them are good, useful, and interesting (to me) information.

It's not just a book of diagrams, Mary Konior gives you enough information in WORDS to get you started, THEN you can take over using the diagram. For a person who "needs" a verbal pattern, this helps you cross the (scary) line between words and "pictures." Diagrams in the book are clear and stitch counts are clearly marked, although if you're VERY nearsighted you may need a magnifier to read stitch counts in some of them. (I need one, anyway.) Besides being pretty and nicely-photographed, the various patterns often are given whimsical, fun names like "Skipping Ropes," "Curds and Whey," "Onion Skins," "Maids of Honour," or "Flower Patch." Some 3-D patterns (at least one rose and at least one other flower) are included, as well as "free" tatting, which, as Mary Konior explains, is not "free form" if you give "exact" directions for making the project - you have to sort of just "do" it. Anything in the book sounds "do-able." I have tried several patterns in the book and so far, they're wonderful. Of course, this is also the first attempt (for me) at actually READING diagrams, and it's a challengs, but once you LEARN to do it, it will be easy. The biggest thing is just DO it, and this book is a fantastically nice (and lovely) way to LEARN to do it with gorgeous pictures to look at, too!

Tatting Y2K (2000 calendar + patterns) ------------------------------Karey Solomon

Review: ""

These include a star, heart, two edgings, a bag, a snowflake/doily hexagon, stationery "droodles" 3-D daffodils, tatting-covered Easter egg, an oak leaf and a bookmark. Tatting Y2K (2000 calendar + patterns)

The Third Tatting Book -----------------------------Kirstine Nikolajsen & Inge Lise Nikolajsen

Thirteen Bell Patterns ---------------------------------Terry McGuffin 2007


"Thirteen Bell Patterns, Old patterns, new patterns, some you have, some you don't, some you just want all in one book." All 13 of the bell patterns I've designed to put on glass bells. These patterns range from pretty easy (Bella Mia, Scalloped Bell, This Bell) to somewhat challenging (Bella Angelina, Bella Nina). All pictures are in color, 9 patterns are both written out and charted. Total cost is $13.00 including shipping to anywhere in the US and $15.00 outside the US. You can purchase them direct: Terry McGuffin 1424 Montclair Dr. Modesto, CA 95350

Three-D Christmas Decorations ----------------------------------- Toni Storer


Review by Stephanie:

This book is printed in Danish, English, and German. It starts with an explanation of symbols used throughout the book (in the diagrams), then has a nice section explaining techniques (with very good diagrams). Techniques include - but are not limited to - basic tatting, magic thread (which they don't call "magic thread" but they explain very nicely, regardless of what they call it), split ring, "roll" tatting, and Cluny tatting. Their explanations are clear and easy to follow. This book was startling to me - not because of any really "avant-garde" techniques or designs, but because they took basic, simple things and did something new and refreshing, and unexpected with it. (An example of what I mean is on page 28 - a simple edging used on a collar, except where the collar comes to a "point" at the front, the edging not only goes around the "edge," but also branches out to take a little "detour" - an unexpected turn at each corner. It's lovely, just beautiful!

All of the photographs are exquisite, especially the "bride's hat" on the cover of the book. Everything is so pretty it makes you want to start at the beginning and tat your way through the entire book! Patterns are diagrammed with some written instructions, but in this book, the diagrams are the "main" thing, not the written directions. Techniques used include (but are not limited to) roll tatting, split rings, block tatting, Cluny tatting, and maybe some mignonette (on the bride's "mitts" - gloves with no fingers). The book contains a little of almost everything, from small "motifs" to collars, edgings, napkin rings, christening cap (tatting combined with crochet), bookmarks, doilies, hair trims, a 3-D Easter egg and a 3-D angel, and of course, that breathtakingly beautiful bride's hat (and more). It is well worth the price of the book for the photographs alone.

Timeless Doilies Crochet-Tatting ---------------------------------------- Annie's Attic

To Boldly Go Where No Shuttle Has Gone Before -------------------------------- Anne Dyer

Traditional Tatting Patterns -------------------------------- Rita Weiss Dover Pubs

Review by Stephanie:

Black and white photographs, lots of really pretty patterns, written in 'long form.' This is a collection of various thread-company publications from the 1930s and 1940s. Patterns include doilies, edgings, tablecloths, place mats, baby hats, baby booties, collars and yokes. A tatted alphabet is also in this book. Warning: some of the patterns in this book are in EXTREMELY small print. If you like old patterns, you'll really like this book.

Transitions in Tatting from Flat to Floral ----------------------------------- Sharon Briggs

Review by Elizabeth:

That is a very nice book with lots of flowers and other motifs even a 3D angel. It has very good instruction and the diagrams are large and easy to read.

Review by BJ:

"Transitions in Tatting." My copy came yesterday and it's great because it has visuals (film strips) of each technique - including split chain, which I'm still mulling over and need to learn. It is a wonderfully progressive book; an experienced tatter can jump right in - while a beginning tatter can begin at the front and work up to the more complex patterns, if they follow the instructions given along the way. The instructions include but are not limited to: A complete list of abbreviations and visuals for the 'transitions' that the Victorian ladies didn't have, symbols that tell you if it is beginner (easy) or more intermediate to advanced. How to read visuals, long patterns and short patterns. How to make 3 dimensional flowers using florist wire is the penultimate point of the book. There are all sorts of flowers. I love the progression of the teaching. I am thoroughly pleased with my copy! I appreciated the requested autograph notation, also. I love the section on bookmarks in which you begin to use the techniques that will be incorporated in the later patterns in the book. Too cool! Kudos Sharon!

Treasure Chest of Crochet (some tat) -------------------------------- Star Book #45

Tree of Life --------------------------------------------Karey Solomon

Review: ""

The Tatter's Tree of Life" featuring original botnical patterns, particularly designs taught at the past two IOLI conventions and other workshops.

Twelve Days of Christmas -----------------------------------------Pam Palmer
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