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Titles beginning with numbers:

3-D Christmas Decorations ----------------------------------- Toni Storer


4 Dozen 5-Point Stars all kinds of stars Vol. 6----------------------Angeline Crichlow

10 Tatted Hearts Vol. 1--------------------------------Angeline Crichlow

10 Tatting Designs -------------------------------- Coats Sewing Group Book #1127

12 Tatted Fairy-Tales ------------------------------------------Inga Madsen


13 Bell Patterns ------------------------------------------------------Terry McGuffin 2007

Note from Terry McGuffin: "Thirteen Bell Patterns, Old patterns, new patterns, some you have, some you don't, some you just want all in one book." All 13 of the bell patterns I've designed to put on glass bells. These patterns range from pretty easy (Bella Mia, Scalloped Bell, This Bell) to somewhat challenging (Bella Angelina, Bella Nina). All pictures are in color, 9 patterns are both written out and charted. Total cost is $13.00 including shipping to anywhere in the US and $15.00 outside the US. You can purchase them direct: Terry McGuffin, 1424 Montclair Drive Modesto CA 95350 USA

15 Tiny Tatted Angels -------------------------------- Patricia Ann Rizzo

Review by Stephanie:

There are 15 little angels patterns in this book called "super-easy" for "beginners or advanced" tatters. Sizes of finished angels are given (worked in size 30 thread). Angels took this tatter about 30 minutes each to make (give or take 5 minutes), not counting working in ends, blocking/stiffening, and other little "incidentals." This is a small book - 19 pages. The book begins with a list of abbreviations, suggestions for how to use the little angels after you've made them, and a suggested way to wind your shuttle.

Mid-booklet (after angel number 7) there is a page of helpful suggestions (p. 10) for starching/stiffening your finished angels. The information is presented in a matter-of-fact, straightforward way, as if the two of you were sitting at the kitchen table chatting about what kinds of stiffeners you use and how you finish your piece over a cup of tea, maybe with a cookie or two (but don't drop crumbs on your tatting, please).

Little inconsistencies are sprinkled here and there in various patterns - nothing earth-shattering, references to items not in the book, directions not matching the image of the tatting, but they are an added obstacle for a new beginner, for sure. With some "tweaking," this COULD, and would be a nice little book.

1000 Mailles Frivolites -------------------------------- In French

20 Tatted Motifs -------------------------------- Rosemarie Peel

24 Snowflakes in Tatting ------------------------------- Lene Bjorn

Review by Bob:

There is a good variety of snowflake patterns in this book, with English text and clear diagrams. There are 4 pages of advanced instructions for techniques used in some of the snowflakes such as split rings, split chains and block tatting. A bit challenging for those who are not complete beginners, but there are some nice simpler flakes too. A lovely small book.

26 Crosses (Tatted) -------------------------------- Crichlow

3-D Stuffed Toys -------------------------------- Crichlow

40 Original Designs in Tatting ------------------------------------------Nellie Hall Youngburg

50 Stars -------------------------------- Crichlow

60 Original Lace Treasures ------------------Christel Weidmann

Review by AKTATTER:

Traditional style motifs are combined with split rings, split chains and the self-closing mock ring technique to create useful motifs, decorative edges and intricate doilies. Over 60 patterns will keep even the most advanced tatter busy for months.

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