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Tatting Book Reviews: "What's New!"

Susanne Rolf Schwenke, formerly a mathematician at the University of Marburg, Germany now living in Berlin, presents her first book of tatting patterns, "OCCHI - Tatting - Frovolite: Mustersammlung. Susanne's work has appeared in Book 5 of the Ribbonwinners Series "Tatting with Friends" and will be included in Book 7 "Tatting 2000". She will be sharing a pattern with the online tatting class in the new year too. No price known yet but as it is an import around $20 is anticipated.

Another gorgeous tatting book from Japan. The photo directions and all the pattern models are presented in full color and lavish setups. The text is in Japanese however the lace photos are repeated close-up in black and white with numbered diagrams in the second half of the book and are super easy to follow! Yusai Shokoin is a gentleman tatter new to me but the book carries photos and comments by Pam Palmer, Mary Konior, Brenda Rewhorn and Margaret Flux! Anticipated price around $35.

Karey Solomon has prepared a tatter's calendar for the year 2001. It has a pattern for every month but I particularly enjoyed November's "Bubble edging". A welcome addition to Karey's fine line of tatting patterns. Karey is the editor of "Tatting Times". $8

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Around The House

And don't miss out on these recent tatting books!

Three new books on the Tatting Horizon! Although previously available in the original German, Helma Siepman's two famous books "Start Tatting Creatively" and "Creative Tatting Step by Step" are now available in English. Known in German tatting circles as a master of floral design and encapsulation, Helma's work also appears in Book 5 of the Ribbonwinners Series "Tatting with Friends" and in Book 7 Part 3 "Tatting 2000" due next year.

$20.00 @ plus postage.

#10 of the Italian series of tatting books "Il Lavoro Chiacchierino" shows that the Italian tatters have take a step forward in their tatting techniques. Well known for years for their traditional patterns, this tenth issue in the series shows many patterns using two shuttles and tatting the lace in one pass often avoiding the tedious cutting, tying, and hiding of ends. The full color beautiful photography of the Italian pieces is as breathtaking as ever. Particularly striking was the basket of tatted "cherry blossoms" with stems of floral wire encapsulated with thread needle tatting fashion.

Snowdrops, snowflakes, and Christmas ball covers, doilies and runners and other "normal" tatted lace pieces are featured. However, I found truly interesting the basinet bedspread which used large, soft white thread forming rather ordinary round centers. The pattern was lifted from ordinary to extraordinary by the addition of yellow centers embroidered in a Brazilian style bullion stitch. Extremely well done were the pillow cases with white work embroidery surrounding insets of tatted lace cutwork. Just beautiful!

$20.00 plus postage

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