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Tatting Book Reviews: "What's New!"

Judith Connors
TATTING: Adventures with beads, shuttle & needle

This latest book by Judith Connors continues the study of beaded tatting. It includes excellent instructions and extremely clear diagrams for basic beading techniques as well as more unusual bead placements. Her method on placing a bead in the center of a ring using a long picot is quite progressive. Basic instructions for needle tatting, split ring tatting, tatted squares or blocks, Japanese style needle tatting (double-ended hook),and padded/pearl tatting are accompanied by patterns using those techniques. Her plaited, multi-color tatted braid is fascinating. The free-form tatted designs will inspire even the most experienced tatter. A comprehensive reference book.

Mituko Ikuta
Shuttle Lace - Tatting & Bead Tatting

Ms. Ikuta's third book of tatting contains good solid traditional patterns as well as charming and whimsical motifs and collages. Most important are the photos and diagrams examining the use of long picots and the picot gauge and the rings/chains made with two shuttles creating huge picots crossing several double stitches, a most intriguing effect! The section on beaded pearl/padded tatting is also very informative.

Karey Solomon
Circle of Children

The third of Karey's trio of recent releases, this charming pattern is really an exercise in disguise. The use of the split ring, split chain, Cluny leaves are highlighted. And a most fascinating study of a floating split chain makes this a must have book.

Karey Solomon
Tree of Life

The second of Karey's trio of books teaches the tatter to think beyond the box. All the seasons of the year can be created with this combination of split rings, floating chains and padded tatting. Of particular interest is the explanation of the creation of split rings using only one shuttle.

Karey Solomon
Tatting Y2K

The first release by Karey this year was a project calendar for the year 2000. Projects are arranged to complement the season or holiday in each month. The autumn oak leaf and the dimpled hearts used as shamrocks are most creative.

Lyn Morton
Lyn Morton's 3rd Book of Tatting Patterns

Round, triangular and cross-shaped tatted building blocks are tatted together to form an excellent contemporary design doily. They can also be used for a fan design or even a collar. Additional traditional patterns are augmented with other tatted building blocks and suggested construction placement.

Pam Palmer
Tatting Treats Three (Blue Willow)

The long-awaited third book of delightful treats from Pam Palmer showcases the Blue Willow china pattern interpreted in tatting. The familar design contains Chinoiserie style pagoda, temples, birds in flight, bridge and willow tree. Additional patterns include a Peacock Topiary, picture frames and even a tatted rainbow! Another must have book!

Patricia Rizzo
The Gentle Art of Tatting

The first of a series of four books, this one contains the basic shuttle tatting instructions and four beginner's patterns. Directions include three-color tatting instructions.

Patricia Rizzo
The Gentle Art of Tatting Pattern Book No. 1

Butterflies, flowers and hearts highlight this petite volume of patterns for the beginning tatter.

Patricia Rizzo
Tatted Snowflakes

A series of simple snowflake designs aimed to encourage the beginning tatter to build good tatting habits and practice the use of two shuttles.

Patricia Rizzo
More Tatted Snowflakes

Additional snowflakes to aid the beginning tatter in developing good tension, regularity in picot size and the manipulation of two shuttles.

Realce Amelber
Frivolite #3

Although the text is in Spanish the photos of the lace have been enlarged so that the stitch count can be seen on them. Nearly all traditional style patterns there is an excellent photo of a starter picot on a chain and an unusual method of gathering rings together on a large loop. Pages 9 - 11 show four magnificent doily designs. Absolutely stunning.

Realce Amelber
Frivolite #4

The basic instructions in this fourth book of the tatting series has directions in Spanish, English and French. The rest of the book is a complete departure from traditional tatting pattern layouts. Here the 39 patterns are shown in closeup photographs and numbered diagrams for each area present in the last two pages of the book. Although traditional in nature the edgings and motifs are extremely elaborate, wide and complex but not difficult to tat. Presented in white thread, these wonderful designs beg for colored thread. Small and portable like tatting itself, this book is an excellent addition to the tatting library.

Christel Weidman
Frivolite fuer Fortgeschrittene

Originally published in German, Ms. Weidmann's book of traditional style patterns is being re-released with English text during the summer of 2000. Traditional style motifs are combined with split rings, split chains and the self-closing mock ring technique to create useful motifs, decorative edges and intricate doilies. Over 60 patterns will keep even the most advanced tatter busy for months.

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