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Special Events

The beginners class goes on for 4-5 weeks with breaks between the series. During the break between two series of classes there might be a Special Event or two, where old and new beginners "come together" in the chat class room to tat the same projects.

The dates for the special events are announced at the New Shuttles And Needles Yahoo-group. The chat times are the same as for ordinary classes; Thursdays at 3 PM and 9 PM, ET. For more details see Basic info


September 9 Cluny Tatting
Learn to make cluny leafs from Mimmi, the cluny expert

August 19 Dragons
Tat an all ordinary rings and chains Seahorse Dragon by Anne Bruvold and Debbie Arnold.

July 22 Christmas in July
Mosly chat, no special pattern

June 24 Weddings and Summer fun
Mostly chat, no special pattern


August 27 Fall into August

Autumn Leaf pattern by Sherry Pence adapted for beginners.
version 2
version 3 especially written for the beginner. Check with Cynthia for the version to use in class

July 30 Christmas in July;

Anne Bruvold's Angel with a Skirt tatted with Split Rings

June 24 Tatting by the Light of the Midnight Sun


Contact the Teachers

Cynthia: brasthatfit at yahoo dot com
Jane: stujane82 at embarqmail dot com
AnneB: solurab at online dot no