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And Onwards!
- from the Online Beginners Tatting Class

Please note: This is not a lesson. It is suggestions for what to do after the Online Beginners Tatting Class. 

When you have completed the Beginners Tatting Class, you might wonder where to go next?

The Ongoing Tatting Class

The first place to go is of course theOngoing Tatting Class, same class room, same times only it is on Mondays. Everybody are welcome to attend to the Ongoing Class. No extra registration is needed as long as you are registered for the Beginners Tatting Class. Here you'll meet more tatters and learn more techniques!

Tatting fora on line

There are several tattingfora "out there".
You are of course welcome to keep in touch atNSAN.
And there is the Here-Be-Tatters and Palmetto Tatters yahoo groups

Outside Yahoo you'll find

The Tatting Forums

Tatting at

and several other fora and tatting scociety pages. Through tatting fora you might even discover a tatter in your neighborhood.

How do I get more patterns?

You'll find lots of patterns on line, both patterns to buy and free patterns. Search forheart pattern tatting and you'll find patterns of hearts to tat for Christmas. You might actually find more hearts if you leave out the Christmas part. A search including "pattern" and "tatting" will often find some patterns for you.

Some intermediate techniques

The Beginners Class used to be five lessons in addition to Meet and Greet. The two remaining lessons are now divided into four intermediate lessons:

There is this technique I need learn...

You might come across patterns using techniques you can't do yet. Several intermediate and advanced techniques are discussed in the Ongoing Class, or you might ask for help in an online tatting forum. Or you can simply do a online search for the tehchnique for examplesplitring tatting.

Need more Basics?

Feel like going through the Basics again? Please keep on joining the Online Beginners Tatting class, we don't mind giving you the lessons again, and you might even help the new beginners!


The Beginners Tatting Class is only a starting point.

Now all the World of Tatting is out there for you to explore!



Contact the Teachers

Cynthia: brasthatfit at yahoo dot com