Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
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Lily Morales Thumb Ring Pattern


About 5 feet wound onto each of 2 shuttles, CTM
10 five-mm beads, 1 eight-mm bead,
1 cross/charm, 1 key chain, 2 jump rings

Beading Method (abbreviated BC):

Place bead on crochet hook. From FRONT of split ring, pick up S2 thread with crochet hook and pull loop through bead. Make loop large enough and slip S1 through. Pull S1and S2 threads taught so that S2 thread is as close to the last stitch on S1 thread and the loop of S2 thread is still JUST visible at the top of the bead. Be careful not to pull the S1 thread through the bead. From front to back, pass S2 through center of ring in order to return S2 thread to proper position for finishing the rest of the SR. Its a good idea, after making the first stitch of the rest of the SR, to try sliding the stitches on the thread and see that they still move.

SR: 1 - 5 - 1 / 8
SR: 1 + (to last P of last SR 5 -1 /BC (small bead), 8
Repeat last SR 9 more times.
SR: 1 + (to P of last R) 5 - 1 / 8.
SR: 1 + (to P of last SR) 8 + (to free P of FIRST SR) 1 / 12.

Tie and Cut. Hide all ends. Using jump rings, attach Key Chain (or bookmark, etc.) between fifth and sixth 5-mm bead, to outside edge of ring and cross at same spot, to inside of ring.

Thanks, Lily for sharing with the class!.

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