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Antique Bedspread Shared by Marilyn Leahy of Valdez, Alaska

Here Marilyn holds the side of a twin size antique bedspread of tatted lace which she rescued from a store. The bottom shows splits which were made so the spread would drape nicely on both sides and the foot and allow for the bedpost in between the segments. The entire bedspread is made from strips and triangles of the same basic pattern. It is a simple ring and chain repeat using two shuttles.

The earliest copy of this pattern which I could find in a quick survey of the reference books appears in the 1916 "Practical Tatting Book #1" by Deaconess.

The repeat is ring, ring, chain alternating the shuttles for each change of direction. The rings are 6 + 6 and the chains are 5 + 5 DS.

Shuttle and ball or 2 shuttles

Begin with ring A
R A 6 - 6 rw
R B 6 - 6 rw
CH C 5 - 5 do not rw
R D 6 - 6 rw
R E 6 + (join to picot of ring B) 6 do not rw
CH F 5 - 5 rw

This is the repeat for the rest of the strip made as long as you want it to be:

R A 6 + (join to ring D)
R B 6 - 6 rw
CH C 5 - 5 do not rw
R D 6 - 6 rw
R E 6 + (join to picot of ring B) 6 do not rw
CH F 5 - 5 rw

End strip after any chain C
Skip Ring D
R E 6 + (join to picot of ring B) 6 RW
vThis is the chain at the bottom of the strip where you make the turn to tat up the other side.
CH 5 - 5 rw
R 6 + (join to previous ring E) 6 rw (that make s 3 rigns join together)
CH 5 - 5
now if you turn the diagram around
you are back at Ring A and the next ring B joins the previous 3 to make the set of four
As you tat up this side, the rings join to rings on the other side to make a set of four ring,
Every other chain joins to the join across from it.

Just remember that all rings are 6 - (or Join) 6
all chains are 5 - (or join) 5

Here are close up details of the construction of the bedspread:

Top Left (at the head looking down to the foot)

Top edge detail; note the edge chains are a bit wrinkled up

Top center

Detail of the top center

Bottom left corner; note the split for the bedpost

Bottom center

The junction of the center strips

Many thanks to Marilyn for sharing this treasure with us.
Please send photo if any of you complete such a large project as this.
Best Wishes, Georgia
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