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Georgia Seitz
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Filigree Necklaces by Susan Phillipo (a/k/a TatWolf)

R = Ring
SR = Split Ring
B = Bead
# = number of double stitches (DS or ds)
CL or cl = close ring
DS or ds = Doublestitch
S1 = Shuttle 1
S2 = Shuttle 2

Requirements: 2 shuttles. String beads on Shuttle 1.

This is a very simple pattern made up entirely of a simple spit ring pattern. The filigree effect is achieved by using silver thread and having the bead centered in the bottom of each split ring.

Load beads on S1 [NOTE: the number of beads needed will depend upon the length of the necklace/bracelet desired].
SR: 1B on loop making SR. S1: 7ds; slide B to base of SR; S2: 7ds; CL.

Repeat until necklace/bracelet is desired length.

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Many thanks to Susan Phillipo for sharing her work with us.

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