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Thumb Rosary by Dana Clark

Permission to share this pattern kindly given by the designer, Dana L. Clark 1305 York St Utica, N.Y. Angellvr23@aol.com

Materials needed: Thread which is bed spread size 10 is fine you need a needle to make this and it should fit thru the beads easily....any thread will do just remember to match size of beads to thread.
4mm beads 10
6mm bead 1

Leave a tail like you would normally do for needle tatting and a wee little extra for your tying off. You have the choice to add your cross/charm now or wait until you want to close ring at end and then attach with a keyring or something to that nature.

R 6 - 6
CH 6
*R 6 - 6
CH 4 place little bead CH4*
Repeat from * until all 10 small beads are used.
CH 6
R 6 - 6
CH 4 place big bead CH 4
R 6 - 6 + (join in first ring at top where chain starts and end off) Here you choose to add the angel/cross/charm in the center and/or attach a keychain on it.

Note as you work:
At the half way point it does start to turn inwards.

Then you need to put it thru the picot in the ring when done and then you join this to the top of the chain to close the ring and finish it off.

You join where the needle is laying at the top of the chain in the first chain; when this is done tie it off tight to prevent it coming undone.Then add the charm/keychain etc/ and thumb rosary is complete. That's it if you have any questions you could email me just put rosary help in subject line. Dana Angellvr23@aol.com

Great work, Dana, thanks for sharing with us.

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