Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
11460 Via Appia
Anchorage Alaska 99515-2905 USA

A Birthday Present for Tatters

JP Coats #14 Anne Orr

Copyright 1923 this antique needlework booklet was produced by the JP Coats Co. and it features the work of Anne Orr. Six pages of the booklet contained tatting patterns, pages 2,3,7,8,17,and 21. It may be freely copied and shared.

I want to extend a special note of thanks to all the tatters who have been so kind as to remember my birthday. Really, tatters, you overwhelm me :). And I wish to thank all those who have donated patterns and, most important, their time to helping make the online tatting class such a success. Georgia

Coats #14 Cover

Coats #14 page 2

Coats #14 page 3

Coats #14 page 7

Coats #14 page 8

Coats #14 page 17

Coats #14 page 21
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