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Bubbles, Baubles and Beads

Bespangled Butterfly by Sue Hanson

Recently the online tatting class enjoyed this whimsical bespangled butterfly airmailed our way from the UK by Sue Hanson. A call for a look at other "found objects" added to tatting brought lots of responses. A look through the "homework" archives also yielded many goodies from the past.

I hope that I have labeled every scan correctly, but if there are errors just email me please. Not all of these are original designs but they are all the work of online tatting class participants. Many thanks to all for sharing.

As we feast our eyes on all this lovely work, let us review the basics of bead placement; on the ring thread in order to depend from picots, on the shuttle thread to "stack" and over the picots when joining new tatting to old.

lesson illustration

Rainbow Earrings by Sharon Briggs

Jaquie Teal shares this diagram for placing a bead in the center of a split ring. Complete the first half of ring, pull a large loop of the SH2 thread up through the bead and slide the SH1 through the loop. Use SH2 to pull out the slack but do not allow the SH1 thread to slide into the bead (put a little safety pin on it) and continue to wrap the DS of the second half of the split ring as normal and close.

Diagram by Jaquie Teal

Lily Morales' Work: Jessica's Rosary

Anne Dent's Angel with a Heart

But there are many ways to add beads. Here is a diagram freely stolen from the May 2001 ANNA (which has the tatting course in it). It shows beads added to a "captured" picot.

Stolen from May 2001 Anna

Auld Bead diagram

But there is precedence for this method too. Here is a diagram stolen from Rhoda Auld's book (a must have for every reference library)
The possibilities are just endless! Here you can click your away through a banquet of bubbles, baubles, bangles and beads.

Dianna Stevens' KingTat Collar
Dianna Stevens Bracelet
Dianna Stevens' Angel
Dianna Stevens' Brooch
Janet Fenton's Beaded Bag
Lorena Finnerty's Bookmark
Sue Hanson's Sparklies
Sue Hodge's Amulet Bag
Carol Lawecki Heart
Carol Lawecki Another Heart
Carol Lawecki's Third Heart
Lily Morales'6 Bookmarks
Lily Morales' Cross with Button
Lily Morales' Daisies
Lily Morales'Bookmark
Nina Libin's Beaded Butterfly
Wally Sosa's Bookmark
Wally Sosa's Floral Motif
Wally Sosa's Heart
Wally Sosa's Magnets
Wally Sosa's Blue Thingy
Wally Sosa's Royal Suncatcher
Wally Sosa's Smiley Face
Wally Sosa's Suncatcher

There are so many many more woderful examples of work to share. I hope that you are all inspired and will summon up the courage to send in your "HOMEWORK" and let us share it with the class!