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Marie Rice Researches Picots

Marie Rice has been doing her homework and some extra research, too! She has found two references to "unusual" picots in the Ring of Tatters Newsletter. Contact direct: Marie Rice

Kim's Picot: A Kim picot is an extra long picot made near the apex of a ring. For the example shown: Tat a ring of 5 DS long picot 1", 3 DS, join to the long picot, 5 DS and close.

Kim Dixon Wright, Worcestershire UK
ROT Newsletter #31, Autumn 1995, pg 36.

Jo's Overlapping Picots: Instead of making a picot with the usual ds, try making the first picot using 2 first half stitched and make the next picot using 2 second half stitches. This makes 2 rows of picots, one inside the other.

Jo Kearney, New Zealand
ROT Newsletter #36, Spring 1998, pg 24.

The Ring of Tatters Newsletter is an excellent publication.

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