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Mary Maynard's Flower #88

Mary Maynard shares another flower pattern from her first book, "Tatting Rings of Flowers" With it she offers us further fun with Double and Triple Picots

First for those who have "Rings of Flowers", refer to Flower # 88. There are several examples of single ring flowers which have double, triple and layered multiple picots.

Mary offers thanks to Mark Myers, however, for naming this technique so we can all identify with it and know what result is expected.

The first three images show the progression of the ring
1 shows d, LP (using #10 at least 3"), 3d, LP,

2 J first LP (leave second LP to the back) to r, 2d, LP

3 shows 1 repeat. #2 can be repeated any desired numbers of times.

Uneven numbers seam to look better, I used a total of 7 for the example.
The second finished ring showed the effect when the free LP is pulled forward of the J.
The third ring shows the effect when the free LP are alternated, forward and back of the J.

Triple Picots look really nice when filling the complete ring. Example shown has d, LP, d, SP, d, j LP, repeat desired # of times & cl.

After talking with Georgia about picots interlocking & possible other ways of joining picots, I tried twisting the LP. Here are two examples of LP twisted.

The first shows a shorter LP (only about 1.5") which I twisted 2 times before J, 5 twisted LP joined back with 7d before and after the twisted LP make a nice single petal and could be repeated or it could be a bud for a thistle.

The other twisted LP example is just an introduction. This LP (over 3") was twisted 5 times before J. When released after J, it twisted back the other way. I think this would be an interesting technique to use for a center, or any open round in a large doily. I am looking forward to doing more work with setting up some twisted foundations from which to work other designs.

Those tatters experimenting with these techniques for the first time may want to contact Mary direct: Mary Maynard
Mary's first book "Tatting - A Ring of Flowers"