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Double and Triple Picot Method

Double Picot Diagram by Mark Myers

This past week has seen a flurry of interest in the double picot. You may have seen this decorative picot used on the Rose Medallion by Doretha Albee in " Tatting Online" and reproduced in multi-colors by Carol Lawecki on the website shared this week too.

It is not difficult to do but does take planning ahead. Please study the step by step photos and then try it out yourself. Remember, once you are comfortable with this construction and placement, then you are free to add beads and make a real rainbow picots

First start the ring and make the long picot.

Continue the pattern adding more DS.

Join back to the long picot. You may want to consider doing a second HS after the join. Try it with and without until you can see the difference it makes.

When pattern for ring is complete, close.

Pull on the outer leg of the picot on the right hand side and pull out slack from inner leg.

Adjust for graceful proportions.

And you can stack these picots as high as you want!
Try the Triple picot next.

Make the picot extra long.

Tat a normal size picot to fill in the "bend" of the doubled over picot. Continue to tat and make the join back to the first long picot.

Adjust legs.
This is a neat technique and has great decorative potential.

Mark Myers