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Get Ready for Halloween

Hello tatters! The Monday 8:30PM ET (New York time) class in the international access room on PINKPIG will be hosted by Sherry Townsend. Many thanks Sherry for helping out the online tatting class.

Sherry writes:

Hi there!! I am the substitute teacher tonight, so bear with me. Tonight we are presenting a class on split rings. I hope I can show you as well as make it clear as mud how to do this technique. I have scanned some pictures for you that shows some of the steps in making a split ring as well as some written instructions next to the pictures. So… we will see how it goes. Wish me luck tonight and I will wish you luck in the understanding and accomplishing the technique.

Tonight we are using a pattern that was provided by Mary Maynard. So, lets send her a thank you for the pattern. It is a pumpkin and very appropriate for the coming holiday when we can all dress up and be someone else for the night.

This pumpkin can be tatted in one pass without cutting and tying ends together if you use the DREADFUL split chain and then the split ring. I am just going to concentrate on teaching the split ring for tonight. I will leave the DREADFUL split chain for someone else to teach. HEHEHEHEHE…LOL!! I hope to see you in class on October 8, 2001 8:30PM ET.

Sherry Does the Splits
Sherry Townsend, The Celtic Dream Weaver
Mary Maynard’s Pumpkin pattern:
Pumpkin page 1
Pumpkin page 2
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