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Once you get it installed then you can start playing with the program. Below are some things that will get you started I hope. Give a yell and I will gladly help you if I can.

We need to open a picture (pic) in IrfanView (I'm gonna call it IV) to open a pic either click the open folder icon in the tool bar or click file open.

Use the "look in" spot at the top of the pop up window to locate the picture you want to open. Did you find it. All right high light it and click open. I am going to assume this picture is very large and you want it smaller.

Click Ctrl+r at the same time OR click Image Resize/Resample (diagram A)

and a pop up window opens. (diagram B)

On the left side of this window at the top it tells you the current size of the picture in pixels.

Just a little down from the top is a spot that says "New size" make sure that is marked.

Just below that there is a spot to put the width and height also in pixels. (This is the area we will be using.)

Next is the "percentage of the original" that I really don't use.

Next is "Preserve aspect ratio" make sure that has a check mark in it.

Just below that is 'some standard dimensions' I usually don't use this either. However just to the right of this list are two buttons "half" and "double" which are handy to use. Obviously the half button will make the pic half the original size, and double twice the original size.

Now the right side I don't mess with the top section as I am usually reducing size not enlarging. So we now move down to the bottom of the right side and make sure that "Use Resample routine (better quality)" is marked.

Now that we have all those settings we can start to play.

Go back up to the top left side where you can put in the size for width or height. You only have to change the size in one of those as the other with adjust accordingly. Why not try Width at 300 (providing that is smaller then the original.)

Click OK and your picture automatically adjust for you. How does it look? Is it a little fuzzier then you would like? Okay lets sharpen it.

Click 'image" in the top menu bar thingie now slide down the drop down window to 'sharpen' (diagram C)

I think it is the fourth from the bottom. Click that and the picture will sharpen for you. If it isn't sharp enough sharpen it again. Now if that should make it to sharp or grainy you can click the little undo arrow in the tool bar. NOTE the undo will only undo the very last thing you did.

I'm assuming that you have the picture the way you would like it. Now you need to save it.

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