Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
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The Archive of Tatting Books in Public Domain

The 3-D Superbowl Bowl Sunday Snowflake has been removed at the request of the designer.

IRFANVIEW - A graphics program to enhance your tatting scans

This is an excellent aid to scanning lace

Holly's Heart

Split Ring Exercise

Holly's HeartOld and New versions of pattern compared

Diagrams for Holly's Heart

Diagrams numbered to show progression of split rings

Pretty Red Path for Holly's Heart

Completed Diagram

Lily's Heart Bookmark

Full directions step by step for Heart Bookmark

Block Tatting: 3-D Iris

Full photo of the Iris bouquet

Ila Frost Block Tatting

Basic Blocks in Antique Pattern by Ila Frost

Sieglinde's 3-D Iris Pattern

Diagrams and close up photos; block tatting continued

Austrian Crystals for Snowflake Sunday (Feb)

No cut method for Feb. Snowflake

Joy's Adaptation of the Frauberg/Wutzmer Snowflake
Inward Facing Picot Method for Feb Snowflake

Antique Booklet Pages: JP Coats#140 1914

Excerpts from antique booklet

Lily Morales Pincushion (Riego Pattern Modernized)

Advanced techniques; self closing mock ring; pearl tatted chains

The Riego Maltese Ring Illustration

Excellent illustration from antique Riego book

Linda's March Snowflake of the Month

Split ring; split chain exercise in snowflake for March

Carolyn's Springtime Snowflake
Bugle Beads and Snowflake

Mark's Bunny in PDF format

Split ring; split chain exercise

Vickie Reynold's Black Magic Cross (Adaptation from Mary Konior Pattern)

Antique Fan pattern finds new adaptations

Martha's Angel of Tatted Lace and Hairpin Crochet

Unique combination of Tatting and Hairpin lace

Katie's 3-D Angel

Large thread version angel stand up ornament

Donata's Angel Recumbent

A flat version of the angel suitable for mailing

Helen's Celtic Easter Egg

An ovoid design incorporating the basics of celtic tatting design, three passes

Martha's Itty-bitty Bumble Bee

Whisical exercise in block tatting

Antique Pages from Emma Farnes Book 1 and Richardson's Book 10

antique patterns

Mignonette Edging

One shuttle work creating wide edging

April Snowflake of the Month

A floral edging with many variations including the snowflake of the month for April

Corticelli Book #3 Tatted Vase and Edging #57

antique case pattern can be adapted to any size basket

Julie's Hearts and Flower Cross Bookmark

Split rings, untied mock picot, fitted chains

Saundra's Tatted "MOM"
Measured picots; tatted initials

Gale Marshall Notes Double Bobbin Shuttles
The use of double bobbin shuttles and the unique decorative tatting created with them.

Motifs très cutes en Aria a la MignonetteThe delightful mignonette stitch has many uses.

NC'26diagrambflyA butterfly pattern from 1926 used in the class tablecloth project coordinated by Sherry Townsend.

Kim Millar Braid & TattingThe unusual effects of combining crocheted braids with tatting.

Martha Ess' Praying MantisFeatured motif in the class project tablecloth, the praying mantis.

Mignonette Stitch Review LessonThe migonette stitch combines well with other tatting patterns.

PatsyGoodmanShuttle TalkPatsy Goodman shares her shuttle research

Shuttle Join / Lock JoinThe shuttle join in theory and example.

Martha Ess and Hope Green were tatting in the month of MayApplying the split ring technique to recreate an antique German tatting pattern.

Bubbles, Baubles and BeadsBespangled tatted whimsies

Double/Triple Picot MethodPicots inside picots inside picots!

Mark'sDouble PicotFlakeMark Myers shares a pattern for practicing the double picot

SusanPhillipoQuadruplePicotSusan Phillipo shares more on picots

WallySosaFlowerflyIs it a butterfly? Is it a flower? Whichever you decide it is a tatted delight.

MaynardFlower#88Excerpt from the Mary Maynard book "Tatting Ring of Flowers" using unusual picots as blossom petals.

MarieRicePicotsMarie Rice shares reserach on picots from the International Old Lacers, Inc. Journal

GoodmanBoutonniereHolderPatsy Goodman created a flower holder for the Bridegroom

HeidiHankyHeidi Sundays' Grandma's Hanky Inspires Today's Tatters!

Martha Ess Riego Grapevine Bookmark Mlle Riego Pattern Modernized.

Additional Info on Heidi's Hanky Chemical Lace Info from Pam Palmers' "History of Tatting"

Terry McGuffin Ebay Butterfly Antique Butterfly Modernized

Sorry no photoJoy Says: "If you can tie your shoe, you can TAT too!" Joy has prepared a delightful set of pages for us to learn the basics of tatting. Even if you have tatted for years, you are going to love these pages. Enjoy!

Tatter's First Project We've all come a long way since that first project!

Sorry no photoOne Ring Butterfly with Doubled Picots Judith Alta Kidder's Butterfly uses Doubled Picots. Split Ring Version

Wally Sosa Presents the Shoelace Trick The Shoelace Trick can add extra color to your tatting and allow you to switch shuttles when one is running short of thread.

Introduction to ClunyThis page links you to several pages on the cluny leaf tatting technique.

Mimi Dillman Kite with cluny tallies tailMimi Dillman, expert cluny tatter, share her techniques
Mimi's Cluny Bibliography
How to Make a Loom for Cluny Tatting
Tammy Rodgers' step by step DirectionsTammy has prepared templates for you to copy for cluny loom

Bucilla Blue Book Butterfly 317Wally Sosa recreates antique butterfly

Hat Decorated with Tatting ContestCreativity is Rampant Among "Mad Hatter Tatters"

Proliferating Pumpkins!Lot of pumpkins for Fall!

Sherry does the Splits!
Sherry Townsend split ring demo

Mary Maynard pumpkin page 1
Mary Maynard pumpkin page 2
This pumpkin gives you practice in graduating sizes, encapsulating threads and split rings.

Marie Rice on the Hunt for Antique Butterfly
The original source for this antique butterfly is being sought.

Dianna Stevens' Shared, Joined and Beaded picots
Here's a detailed look at how to create long beaded picots which can be shared and joined. Excellent concept illustrated with beautiful Christmas ornament!

Red, White and Blue Tatting Shared by the class
Patriotic Ribbons and Pins

Ginger Allen's Bookmarks/Armbands
Ginger's Bookmarks done in Cro-Tatting technique

Scalloped Edging Class Project
Scalloped Edging and Butterfly of the month done with multi-length picots, woven and braided picots.

Erin Holloway Square Medallion
Erin presents a square motif with excellent opportunity to learn to climb out fromthe center to the outer rows.

Gadget Ideas
Gadgets by Sherry Campbell and others from the class.

Riet's Gadgets
Riet shares her counterweight and beading methods.

Filigree NecklaceSusan Phillipo's beaded split rings directions

Pearl NecklaceSusan Phillipo's beaded chains

Spencer Doily Needlecraft Feb 1925 pg 20Antique Doily in 13 rounds original version

Wally Sosa's versionWally modernizes pattern up to round 5 Spencer Doily

Asta Cebulla's version Asta rewrites pattern up to round 7 Spencer Doily

Kathy Lowe's Hummingbird PatternCreated in the style of To De Haan-Van Beek, this is an opportunity to use a tapestry needle as a shuttle

Jeanne Zukowski's SnowflakeThis snowflake has a crocheted inner round

Jeanne Zukowski's All Tat SnowflakeThis all tat version of the snowflake allows for intricate picot work

Sunela's Thomas's version BBB #324
Butterfly in green

Carolyn Groves version BBB #324Another step by step rewrite of old pattern

Civil War TattingVirginia Mescher's article from The Citizen's Companion
no photo Dan's Flag - Old Glory Dan Rusch-Fischer Flag Pattern
no photo Adobe Acrobat ReaderThis is a Free Download so that you can read PDF files
no photo Debbie Drake's Magic thread trick Excellent diagrams showing the magic thread trick for hiding ends
no photo Debbie Drake's Add on ThreadDiagram showing how to add on a thread in a ring

no photoSabina's BookMark with Cluny LeavesPractice in making cluny leaves and split rings

Mlle Riego's Metternich CravatThis pattern was featured in the recent Civil War Tatting article above and the pattern is all one shuttle work.

Saundra Hameed's Cluny Motif A good practice piece for the tatter just learning how to create cluny leaves

Sherry Goldin's rewrite of the Bucilla Bluebook's Butterfly pattern #324. This is an exercise is tatting a non circular pattern without cutting the thread
no photoEmma Crew's Delight Butterfly SnowflakeAlthough the six butterflies are tatted separately in this pattern the classic rosette center and the points of the snowflake are tatted all in one pass joining to the upper and lower wings of the butterflies in turn. An inspired pattern.
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