Shuttle Talk by Guest Tatter Patsy Goodman
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Shuttle Talk by Guest Tatter Patsy Goodman

Welcome tatters to a fascinating discussion of the world of shuttles. Our brave tatter, Patsy Goodman, will be guest hosting in the PINKPIG room on Monday June 4th 8:30PM ET. Unfortunately we did not have a volunteer for the AOL class of Sunday night. If anyone would like to discuss tatting or review a lesson in the AOL room contact me by 4 PM ET Fri. Last chance to send a note to the class. Otherwise I encourage all the AOL tatters to join them in the PINKPIG room.

Patsy writes:

Topic of discussion:
Monday night class will explore our tatting "tools" collections and a little history. I'll have a little history on the "Boye" shuttle to share.

Is anyone familiar with a "Tatting Thimble"? How about a Tatting Implement or an automatic Tatting Apparatus? There's also a tatting "accessory" - - and NO, this accessory is not like the case I've enclosed a pattern for.

Patsy's Shuttle Case Pattern

What do you have that's unusual or different in your collection. Don't say you don't have a collection. If you have more than 3 of any item you have a collection. (I'll bet none of you have a collection of threads? :) :) :)(LOL)

Do you have a "Lydia Pinkham"?

What are some of the pitfalls using certain shuttles you have? What's your favorite & why?

Patsy's Shuttle Collection

DID YOU KNOW - - - For those working with the small balls of tatting thread - - did you know that those small plastic containers that contain toys and candy and in those 25 cent dispensing machines in supermarkets & other stores, are great to keep thread clean.

Wash well, punch a hole in the lid, thread end of thread thru, place thread in, close lid and you have a handy case that can even roll on floor and not get thread dirty. Just like those cases us old timers remember buying in the 5 and 10 cent stores. Maybe you youngsters don't remember the five and dime stores.

I have no idea where Monday nights session will go but hopefully it will be fun and maybe even educational.
Until Monday, I'm TatPat1

Questions??Patsy A. Goodman