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Austrian Crystals for Snowflake Sunday

The Austrian Lace Group
"Kloeppeln und Textile Spitzenkunst in Oesterreich"
Newsletter, "Der Faden"

The Austrian lace group offers demonstrations and courses teaching all aspects of the art of lacemaking. Their newsletter is issued three times a year. They are hosting a conference in October of 2002.

The editor, Renate Rother, has sent this snowflake from a recent edition of the newsletter to us to try out. It is an adaptation of a Frau Tina Frauberger (1920-ish) pattern by Christel Wutzmer of Germany.

Sieglinde Grigat (also of Germany) whose iris pattern we enjoyed last week mentioned to me that she had decided NOT to work the pattern as there were too many places to CUT and TIE! Horrors! Well, of course, that was the next challenge pattern for the online tatting class I said.

I offered the challenge to all and got several takers. It was a difficult pattern to find the path from inside to outer row. There were several solutions developed eventually. Many thanks to Renate and Christel for sharing this with the online tatting class.

Occhi - Schneekristall (the pattern from the newsletter)
Carol Thill's version with one cut and tie
Teryl Hollins' version using self closing mock ring technique
Liz Anderson's three variations
Joy Critchfield's variation using the inward facing picot
For more details (in German) about the lace group in Austria contact Renate direct: Renate