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Anchors A Weigh! by Riet

Here are some clever ideas by Riet to help your tatting. Riet explained in the summer review class hosted by Joy how she put beads on a safety pin and threads the end of the ball thread through the pin. Used as an anchor, it works just like the spangles on a bobbin (in bobbin lace). The weight at the end of the line allows the thread to feed more smoothly, keeps the tension steady on the thread wrapped around the pinkie, and cuts down on "ball bounce". Riet has even sent us a picture of this tool at work!

Riet wrote:"Geez, AK, "gadgets" is a very difficult word which I didnīt know. After I looked it up in the English dictionary I realized that I not only knew "gadgets", I have made "gadgets!" So here I share with the class another gadget.

Some times the bobbin doesnīt fit well when you are using those Aero or other bobbin shuttles to tat. The bobbin rolls around and your thread is gets longer and longer. So what I did was to take a piece of felt or a heavy cloth and put it between bobbin and shuttle as shown in the picture. I didnīt cut it so you can see how to do it. But once in place trim the corners off.

There are some bobbins for the Pfaff sewing machine whichare a little bit thicker than the black ones and than you can tat without the thread unrolling. In the picture there is a original and a pfaff bobbin.

For many years I have worked with petite beads. My father came with the solution to put very small beads on a thread. You take a piece of electric wire and remove the outer covering. Then remove the two or three smaller threads. Strip these wires down and you can unravel lots of very thin copper wires. With a piece of this wire you can make a needle. I used thread DMC 80 to put small beads on as you can see in the photo. In the picture you see the wire and the small one and the wire needle with beads on it.

Riet Surtel-Smeulders

Riet Surtel-Smeulders

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