The Art of Ring-Only Tatting

Steer for Japan to find what a rosette doily
and Mardi Gras sachets have in common!

Rush over to Russia to discover a Ring-Only necklace!

Sail off to Australia to see how Cas uses half rings to travel around this scarf edging. (While there, solve the riddle of the ring only background on her homepage!)

And here’s another ring only background.

Discover how Debbie has turned a classic Hen and Chick pattern into an exquisite communion cloth!

Solve the cipher of how Ulla sees rings!

The next clue’s history hails from Holland with the Van Dyke edging.

Hints on How to Make Your Own Ring-Only Treasures!

Georgia maps out mignonette.

And then search out hanky edging # C.

Do your own Rings-Only research by studying pages 16-19 of the Emmanuel Boscher’s Frivolite from 1912, translated by Rose Rogers.

Dig Up Some Fun and Funky Beginner Projects

Take a clue from Birget on tatting doodles.

Detect Patricia’s critter collection under glass!

Jog over to Jen’s Tatra Sutra and clue in to her bookmark and tattages.

Row upon row of ring only edging are hidden in the pages of this ancient manuscript! Here! and Here, too!

A careful look at the background on Elizabeth’s site uncovers a classic Hen and Chick edging.

For this pretty hairclip, Colleen uses unjoined rings making it a great beginner project! And she maps out the how-to’s for faithful treasure hunters ; )

Break time, stop by to see the cute card Chelsea cooked up!

X marks the spot!

Here is the mother-lode of Ring-Only treasure! The Lace Museum’s tatting historian and master tatter, Dan Rusch Fischer, has designed some spectacular pieces! It may take a little sleuthing to find them... Start here and then, click ‘Tats” at the bottom of the page. From there, use the menu on the left hand side of the page to find: Morning Glory and Rambling Rose Bookmarks, The Penrosette and the Snowflake Doily, three original motifs and the Mignonetta Ornament! And the gem of the collection must be the dazzling Ring-Only Doily! (It can be found under Projects’.)

Did you get lost? Please direct questions to: SJoy