Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
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One Ring Butterfly with Doubled Picots by Judith Alta Kidder
Use about 48" (1.5m) of thread. You are making one large ring with 10 picots. Do not close the ring until the end.

R 3 DS picot A (see template) 2 DS picot C 2 DS picot D 2 DS; continue, being sure that picot A is not twisted, find top center and join it to the ring as you would join a picot from another ring and continue to tat 2 more DS. Adjust the loops of thread to your liking.

Continue tatting picot B 2 DS picot D 2 DS; Join picot B in the same manner as picot A and continue to tat 3 DS.
Continue to tat picot B 2 DS picot D 2 DS; next join picot B; continue to tat 2 DS picot A 2 DS picot D 2 DS picot C; next join picot A and finish with 3 DS. Be sure that no picots are twisted in the ring and close ring. Finish by trimming antennae to desired length.

Using thread size #8 - 10
Picot A 3 1/2"
Picot B 2 5/8"
Picot C 3/4"
Picot D 1/2"

Using thread size #30 - 80
Picot A 2 5/8"
Picot B 2"
Picot C 1/2"
Picot D 5/8"

To use the template, be sure that you cut the notches with an angled side as the slant keeps the thread from slipping off the template

To make a chain of butterflies using a split ring. Make the first half of the butterfly to and including the second set of 3 ds. Repeat for the second half of the split ring.

Repeat the two halves for the desired number of butterflies. To swap the colors, as shown, tie a single overhand knot when each butterfly is finished.

Questions? Contact direct: Judith Alta Kidder

The techinque of changing colors by tying the two threads together is commonly refered to as the Shoelace Trick by Wally Sosa

Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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