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Heidi Sunday's Antique Hanky

Many months ago, Heidi Sunday, sent me a tissue-thin delicate hanky to study its lacy edging. It looked so much like tatting that I had to see it under a magnifying lense to ascertain that it was really machine-produced lace. It was truly a magnificent piece of work. It was only the 'brides' that eventually confirmed the machine production. As I studied the threads that attached the lace to the hanky I eventually realized that those were not picots.

Then we set out as a class model project to reproduce this pattern in real tatting. About 10 tatters volunteered to give it a try. This was a difficult assignment and not everyone had the time to devote to it. But I thank everyone who tried and I am most grateful to those who shared even the unfinished partial pieces.

Each tatter was sent these diagrams of the structure. It shows a possible path to work without cutting and tying by using split rings.

We also asked for some samples in color that would be suitable for the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride to carry. We were going to try to make a fan picture showing the different effects. Our color samples were limited so instead, Tammy made a lovely sample of the effect in a diagram form for us.

Janet Fenton got all three sections done although she was not completely satisfied with the product. She provided these samples next to the original diagrams with some notations about ds count.

Julie Patterson provided this color sample:

And Dorothy Creager sent this complete corner done in white:

And finally, our own tatting doc, TattingStork (Antonio Perez Hunt) produced this lovely color version of Heidi's Hanky.


and here is a look at Heidi's original hanky:

Thanks to all for helping out.