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1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup IL 62328 USA

Martha Ess and Hope Green were tatting in the month of May

Once Upon a Time or a Tale of Two Tatters or As The Thread Twists or a Shuttle's Story. OK, OK, I couldn't decide on a title. You pick one :)

Anyway, as the story goes, in May the class shared the link to an antique German patterns site:
German Pansy Edging

This is the original illustration.

I'm not sure who started working on it but between Martha and Hope they decided on this order of work making the assumption that the chain is tatted last and attached to the tiny rings to make a header.

Thus the small yellow ring was worked then the green ring which threw off a small ring then the pink ring followed by the blue scmr which also threw off a tiny ring; then another pink ring and then the final orange split ring which threw off a tiny ring as well. That left the yellow ring to be all alone and tatted as a split ring. Very ingenious!

But I couldn't leave well enough alone, so here is my version:

Martha Ess
Hope Green