Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
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Beginner's Guide to Hairpin Lace

Jeremy Earnest and Harriet Sharp offer these guides to getting started. Harriet shares her favorite diagrams and Jeremy has prepared samples to get us working. Many thanks to both.

Harriet says that changing the wording in #3 and #7 to read "lift the crochet hook over the shank of the right hand side of the loom" may make it clearer.

Study the diagrams and the guides offered earlier in the lesson and then begin with Jeremy's practice piece which makes an icicle.

Materials needed:
One ball of size 10 crochet cotton
Size 6 or 7 steel crochet hook
1/2 inch wide hairpin staple ( Multiple width looms work best)

Leave about an inch of thread, before you make a slip knot to start hairpin lace. Make a strip of hairpin lace, having 25 or 50 loops on each side of loom, depending on how long you want icicles. DO NOT FASTEN OFF! Make a ch of 10 sts and join to top of sc just made . Fasten off. Leave about and inch tail. Remove lace from loom.

NOTE: when you remove lace from loom, it has a spiral effect. That is the effect you will need for the icicles. Once you starch them it will keep that spiral effect in tack.

You will need a 1/2 cup of sugar and a 1/2 cup of water, bring to a boil and let cool.

Dip icicles and remove from solution. Place on plastic wrap covered styrofoam meat trays and blot excess with paper towel. Make sure you have the spiral effect as you place them on trays. Twist if necessary. Let dry. Trim threads at each end close to work.

Now try a longer piece of hairpin lace:

When you feel that you have gotten the rythym of turning the loom and making the stitch try this first project with tatting:

Jeremy's Tatting and Hairpin Lace Sampler

Size 10 crochet cotton
Size 6 or 7 steel crochet hook
2 shuttles of different colors (Japanese clover shuttles were used in samples)
Hairpin loom with multiple widths (1 or 2 inch widths can be used for samples)

Make a small piece of hairpin lace having 20 loops on each side of loom. Fasten off. Remove piece from loom carefully without pulling.

NOTE: hairpins strips may be longer if desired, but having a multiple of 2 loops for each side.

Wind shuttles using continuous thread method.
R 2 - 2 + ( join to 2 loops on hairpin lace keeping the natural twist; crochet hook may be necessary for the joins to the lace) 2 - 2 cl r RW
CH 3 - 3 RW
*R 2 + (join to p of last ring) 2 + (join to two loops on hairpin lace as before) 2 - 2 cl r RW
CH 3 - 3 Repeat from * to end of lace and repeat on other side.

Questions? Jeremy Earnest