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3-Dimensional Iris in Block Tatting

This lovely bouquet of tatted iris is shared with the online tatting class by Sieglinde Grigat of Germany. Sieglinde's method can be adapted to produce nearly all floral forms. Using the "Bach" theory of tatting. Sieglinde outlined the basic form of the iris petal and leaf and proceeded to fill the "hole" with tatting. She created the solid fabric tatting by chaining free form blocks. Afterwards a thin wire is inserted along the edges of the block which allows the petal or leaf to shaped and to be bundled together afterwards.

In our study of the chain earlier this year we examined how the chain can be coiled (and padded) to form decorative elements. And then made into blocks both square and rectangular. We also saw that the block could be increased and decreased at will to create free-forms. Sieglinde's pattern gives us a practical experience in free form block tatting. Many thanks for sharing with the class!

Please review the principles of block tatting. Block Tatting

Exercise with two antique patterns using the block tatting technique. Ila Frost Designs

Sieglinde's 3-Dimensional Iris Pattern IRIS

Contact Sieglinde direct:Sieglinde Grigat
And visit her website, too!Fadenzeit

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