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Sue Hanson's Snowflake with Block Tatting

Troy Flake by Sue Hanson © 2000 This was designed for Dorothy Peacock’s Flake appeal for “Troy 2002”.

2 Shuttles wound Continuous Thread Method
Sample worked in Manuela #20

The 6 petaled centre is worked first, making the last a split ring. Then a round of chains with rings thrown off with Sh#2, again making the last ring split. Commence the last round with a split ring and then chains working the blocks. I lock the chains on the last row with the first half of a double Stitch UNFLIPPED, before & after each block and I also use it to as a turning stitch while working the block.

NB: Tension chains before making lock stitch.

Remember to make a long picot at the end of the first row of one of the blocks for the hanger.

The Block technique is covered in: Judith Connors “Tatting Adventures” page 42 Judi Banashek “Advance Tatting Patterns p 77 Pam Palmers “Tatting Treats 2” page 12
The original sample had 10 ds surrounding the central flower - in retrospect I’ve altered it to 9.
Many thanks to Sue (and Dorothy) for sharing this pattern with the Online Tatting Class

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