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Class 2: Padded Tatting - Bonus Pattern - Monday, January 31, 2000

The Monday Jan 31 topic for the PINKPIG tatting class will be a discussion of padded tatting. That lesson follows. Here is a bonus pattern shared by the AOL online tatting class.

Hello Tatters!
While much of the US is preoccupied with Superbowl antics or the serious business of digging out from under a huge snowstorm, the online tatting class is going to make some snowflakes of their own! Here it is! The Superbowl Snowflake. Enjoy!

This snowflake is intended to give the newer tatters an exercise to practice the following:
-joining outward facing rings in a center motif, or how to avoid the awkward last join whose picot almost always ends up twisted by "climbing out" with a split ring and a mock picot
-long picots; to be twisted when joined or to place a long bugle bead over the long picot before the join is made
-CTM; wind the two shuttles in the continuous thread method (CTM)
-bead placement over picotsCenter
R 5 + 3 - 3 - 3 - 5 close ring and leave no space before starting the next ring. Repeat four more times. 6th/last ring : Split ring R 5 + 3 / 5 + (to 1st ring) 3 - 3 close ring Create mock picot by tying the two threads together or use a lock stitch. Look first at the other picots and measure the distance of this mock picot so that it is the same. Point motif
R 4 ---- (see note) 4 - 4 - 4 close ring RW
(Note: a long picot; if you are going to use the bugle beads measure the length of the picot to accommodate the length of the bead plus a little bit more. The picot needs to "peek" out from the end of the bugle bead so you can get a crochet hook into it to make the join)
CH 2 - 4 (make the picot very tiny, a mere bump) RW
R 1 + (join to last picot of previous ring) 3 - 4 - 4 - 3 - 1 close ring RW
CH 4 + (join to picot on chain) 2 RW
R 4 + (join to last picot of previous ring) 4 - 4 ---- (see note above) 4 close ring and shuttle join to the next picot on the ring from the center motif RW
CH 8 RW (adjust length of chain if needed to reach the first picot on the next ring of the center motif) repeat around placing the bugle over the first join as indicated or insert crochet hook into the long picot and rotate hook clockwise 2-3 times before making the join.

Pattern shared by AOL online class. Copyright: Georgia Seitz, 2000.

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