Classnotes and Bonus Patterns:

Teacher: Georgia Seitz

Starting at the End
Padded Tatting Notes
Superbowl Snowflake Bonus Pattern
Setstitch Notes with Bonus Pattern
Eliz' Maltese Snowflake
Split Rings
Picot Gauges
Split Chains
Split ring, mock picot, split chain exercise
Anna Valeire Antique Pattern - Square Motif
Beads in Tatting
March Snowflake of the Month
Anna Valeire Antique Pattern - 6-pt. Snowflake
Beginners' Round Robin
Antique Bedspread Pattern
Applying Tatting to Floral Wire Projects
Rings, Rings, Rings (Easy Projects)
Angel by Carolyn Groves Project Development
Chains, Chains, Chains
May Snowflake of the Month
Needle Tatting (Three Discussions)
Thumb Rosary by Dana Clark
Carolyn Groves Version of the Thumb Rosary
Lily Morales' Thumb Ring Pattern
Two Wheels and a Corner
Tatting Newsletters
Three Handkerchiefs and a Towel
Camisole Yoke Antique
June Snowflake of the Month by Kim Millar
"Building Blocks"
by Our Online Tatting Classmate, Carolyn Groves
Wedding Shawl
by Jean Younkin et al
Tatting with Needle-Weaving Centers