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Weldon's Practical Shilling Guide to Needlework

Hello tatters! I have posted the 6 tatting pages of the Weldon's book plus the cover and the contents. This material came from "Weldon's Practical Shilling Guide to Needlework",11th Edition. It is 200 pages and about 100 different crafts, some not needlework. The three pages with text have come out too tiny to truly to be of use. The three pages with illustrations and instructions are ok.

Unfortunately, the three text pages are not available at this time to be rescanned. But if they become available later I will surely replace them. The link to the pages will be sent later today.

Full Size Cover Index Page

Now, about the reprint being offered by INTERWEAVE PRESS (the PIECEWORK magazine publisher). When last I heard from them about vol. 4, the assistant editor indicated that what I had was basically the same as what appears in that volume. The advertisement, which was not posted then, now indicates a substantial difference. It reads:

Weldon's Practical Tatting (First Series)Tatting techniques and patterns: Instructions for Beginners Tools, Materials, and Stitches D'Oylies, Edgings, and Medallions 21 Complete Projects 45 Illustrations

I think that we are going to have to purchase this reprint vol. 4 to find out the differences. Meanwhile, here's what I have:
Page 98
Page 99
Page 100
Page 101
Page 102
Page 103
Any questions? You are welcome to email me.
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