Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
11460 Via Appia
Anchorage Alaska 99515-2905 USA
Needlecraft February 1925 Tatting

Antique patterns courtesy of Jan Dunmyer. Special editing, typing, formatting and models by volunteer tatters from the online tatting class. Many thanks to all.

Needlecraft Feb 1925 centerpiece pg 20 posted:
= Full centerpiece scan.
= Pie-slice from center to edge.

= Original Directions Rounds 5 - 8 rewritten and model prepared by Jeanne Zukowski.

R = ring
CH = chain
- = picot
+ = join
SS = switch shuttles
RW = reverse work
SR = split ring
SC = split chain

Use 2 shuttles working from Split Chain on previous row.

Round 5:
SR 2-2-2-4/2-2-2-4 cl SS
R 4+4-4-4cl SS
R 4+4-4-4 rw
*Ch 14-14rw

Clover; R 4-4-4-4 cl R 4+2-2-2+ (to picot of previous rnd skip 1 picot for each clover) 2-2-2--4 cl R 4+4-4-4 rw * Repeat *-* around ending with SC 14/14

Round 6:
SR 5-5/5-5 cl
*CH7-7 rw
R 5+5-5-5 cl rw
Ch 7-7 rw
R 5+5-5-5 cl rw
Ch 7-7 rw

R 5+5+( to ch of prev Ring) 5-5 cl rw* Repeat *-* around ending with SC 7/7

Round 7: SR 5-5/5-5 cl rw
*Ch7-7 rw

R 5+5+( to each picot on prev rnd)-5-5 cl rw* Repeat *-* around ending with join to top of first sr cut, tie and hide ends.

READ FIRST before making medallions. Repeat *-* until you have 9 rings joining first to last ring and 2 center picots of 2 chains to 2 chains of previous round and 2 center picots of chains on medallion joined to previous medallion.

There are 18 medallions all joined to previous round as before skipping one chain of previous round between each medallion and joining two chains to previous medallion. There will be three chains on each medallion that are not joined and will be facing out towards the next the round. Join first to last medallion.

Round 8:
Medallion R 4-4-4-4 rw
*Ch 2 (-2) x7 rw
R 4+4-4-4 rw *

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