Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
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Five Frivolous Favorites - Antique Tatting Patterns

Gentle Tatters,

Butterick's Tatting & Netting 1896 Reprint
Here are five more antique tatting pattern booklets from the earliest part of the last century. Bound copies with plastic protective cover are available for sale.

Anna Wuerfel Brown Book #6 "Gift Novelties in Tatting" 1916

Butterflies, lampshades, pincushions, single row edgings, seriously wide edgings, bonbon cups, brassiere, wrist watch case, curtain tiebacks, boudoir slipper are but a few of the "novelties" packed into this charming book of patterns.

"Semco" Art Needlework Instruction Book "Tatting for Beginners and Experts" date uncertain believed to be 1923-ish

Pages 2, 3, 4, and 5 which apparently contained the instructions pages are missing. The patterns begin on page 6 as part of the last section of instructions. Edgings and insertions for all occasions including a table cloth with tatted corners using 60 medallions. Many multi-purpose designs.

Martha Washington Crochet Book - "Designs in Tatting and Filet" 1917 (Virginia Snow Studio Book #101)

Although this antique booklet contains only one page of tatting patterns and one page of hairpin crocheted lace patterns, the many delicate filet crochet patterns would lend themselves well to conversion to filet tatting. Also pictured is a loom and the basic instructions for the use of the hand held weaving frame.

"Book on New and Original Designs in Tatting" Marie Antoinette Hees Book #5 date uncertain believed to be 1923-ish

Good, basic designs which form the basic building blocks of countless patterns. Edgings wide and narrow and an interesting application of the graduated picot used in the front cover doily.

Novelty Tatting and Maltese Crochet Book 6 date uncertain believed to be early 1920's

Wonderful edgings and yokes which will provide great exercise in adapting old-fashioned patterns to split ring and split chain techniques.

Here the Maltese Crochet is another term for hairpin crochet lace. There are four pages of hairpin lace patterns and one page of Irish crochet also.

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