Ribbonwinners Tatting Patterns & Shuttles by
Georgia Seitz
1227 CR 1760 E
Greenup IL 62428 USA

Clark's ONT
"Book of Needlework" 1916

This antique needlework book with tatting patterns was published 1916. Size approx. 6" x 9". It has 100 pages. There are only 7 pages of tatting. Page 75 through 81. These pages are posted for you. They are rather large and I have posted the pages in landscape orientation so that you can read the instructions without difficulty. You may want to change your printer orientation from portrait to landscape mode or capture the jpg's and run them through the IRFANVIEWER to adjust size as you wish.

Also posted are pages 98 and 99 which have illustrations of two types of tatting shuttles and the description about them on the facing page. The back of this book contains numerous ads for thread, needles, and sewing implements as well as descriptions of their manufacture and uses.

Page 75 Tatting directions
Page 76 Tatting directions cont'd.
Page 77 Illustrations of ring and picot
Page 78 Three row edging which at first glance looks like the middle round was tatted first! Further study needed.
Page 79 Two simple edgings
Page 80 Classic wheels in lovely combination
Page 81 Collar and cuff set
Page 98 Shuttle illustrations
Page 99 Shuttle descriptions
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