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Susan Cuss Flotilla of Seahorses

Tatted Seahorse #2 © By Susan Cuss

This variation creates a seahorse with a smaller head and without eyes. However, this pattern does have more joins, and ‘cut-and-ties’. [Editor's note: did I hear a "gasp" after that cut and tie direction? Although we try to avoid C&T as much as possible, here it is used to great effect as a design tool.]

R = ring
OR = onion ring
C = chain
d = first half of double stitch
j or + = join
mp = medium picot
sp = small picot
s = second half of double stitch
1. Head and Backbone
R 1 = 5 - 5 CL R
OR = 13 - 1 + 7 - 7 (j to picot of R1) CL R
C = 2d - [(2d,2s)x 7-] x9 - (2d, 2s) x3 + (j to last picot of chain.)
This curls the tail end slightly. Curl tail upwards, and j to next picot working up the backbone

2. Backbone Texture

C = 2d x 14 + (j to next picot up the backbone) Repeat 2 more times
C = d (sp 2d) x14 + (j to next picot) Repeat 2 more times
C = d (mp 2d) x14 + (j to next picot) Repeat once more
C = d (sp 2d) x14 + (j to next picot) Repeat once more.
Knot and trim to match picot length or hide ends as usual.

Photo 1 backbone texture in progress
3. Jaw and Nostrils

Join at the picot on the OR at the base of the head.
C = 18 + (j to the bare picot on the OR)
C = 39d. Cut and tie with either ends left short, or hide ends as preferred.

4. The Stomach option 1
Make a join in the second picot down the backbone from where the head and neck join.
C = (2d,2s) x30 + (j along the backbone 3 picots further)
This creates an open stomach. Cut and tie. Hide ends.

Photo 2 Jaw and nostrils complete

Photo 3 stomach completed
5. The Stomach option 2

This option will create the ‘ribs.’
C = [5x(2d,2s) -] x5, (2d,2s) x5 + (j along the backbone 3 picots further)

Switching to a sewing needle, sew the thread ends up into the backbone, out at the level of each of the stomach picots, joining to each, and back into the backbone for all 5 picots. Cut, tie, hide ends. Shape the seahorse as desired.

Photo 4 variations

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