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2008 Lesson Index - The Online Tatting Class

Welcome to the 9th season of the online tatting class! The members of the class are international. The ongoing topic of study for this year will be block tatting. All patterns, ideas, and suggestions are welcome. Guest tatters/teachers are invited to share their love of tatting with the class.

May 26, 2008

Coats & Clark Leaflet #1488LMore public domain tatting books: Public Domain Archive

May 26, 2008 log

May 19, 2008

Gina Brummett's May Mystery Motif

Additional vintage patterns from the Needlecraft Magazine are available for free download in the Online Tatting Class' Archive of Tatting Books in the Public Domain.

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May 19 2008 log

May 12, 2008

Many thanks to Mark Myers for sharing his Maltese Ring and Maltese Split Ring instructions with the online tatting class.

Mark Myers Maltese Ring How-2

Mark Myers Maltese Split Ring How-2

Here is a sneak peek at part of the color chart of that new HH Lizbeth tatting thread. It feels great and tats up easily. It will be available probably in June and runs #3.95/ball.

HH Lizbeth color chart pg 2 partial
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May 12 2008 log

May 5, 2008

Emmy Liebert Book #36 Pattern #23 Revised by Stephanie Wilson.

Rachel Jackson's Dorcas Brooch
Please see details April 28, 2008 lesson.
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May 5, 2008 log

April 28, 2008

Emmy Liebert center Emmy Liebert antique pattern study center start

Emmy Liebert row 1 Emmy Liebert antique pattern study

Emmy Liebert row 2 Emmy Liebert antique pattern study

Emmy Liebert Reprint of both books

For review:
Mignonette Review

Roger Freedman's Shuttle notes on Mignonette

Roger Freedman's Needle Tatting notes on Mignonette

Lesson Log Posted

April 28, 2008 log

Attention! This wonderful new magazine, "Sew Beautiful", which features a young girl's dress dripping with tatting, can be yours. To claim your prize, please submit a new pattern not yet posted online which uses either block tatting or cluny tatting to and

April 21, 2008

Tatted Rainbow by Linda Davies

For review:
Jane's block tatting diagram

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April 21, 2008 log

April 14, 2008

A Pattern from the Needlecraft Handbook, Fig. 17, pg. 6 as a exercise to practice the Balanced Double Stitch.

For review:
Ruth Perry's Balanced Double Stitch

Lesson Log Posted

April 14, 2008 log

March 24, 2800

Ruth Perry's How to Tat Large Rings and Chains and Make Them Look Good!

And Martha Ess will explain her method of tatting a"Folded Ring"
This is a new concept presented in tatting by Ruth Perry.
Martha has prepared a few patterns to tat test the folded ring also.
Lesson Log Posted

March 24, 2008 log

March 17, 2008

Ruth Perry's Easter Egg with Block Tatted Faux Rick Rack

Linda Davies'Antique Scalloped Edging Adapted to Modern Tatting Techniques.

The antique pattern is found in the Coronation Cord Booklet
"Application of Coronation Cord for Modern Needlework and Trimmings" page 5 bottom.

Today we will examine two new patterns by Ruth Perry and Linda Davies using two different interpretations of block tatting.
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March 17, 2008 log

March 10, 2008

Bruges Crochet Braids by Jane Moody

Bruges Crochet Braids by Jeanne Zukowski

Hairpin and Bruges Crochet Samples by Roger Freedman

Basic how to of Hairpin or Maltese crochet

Today we will examine Bruges Crochet and Hairpin (Maltese) Crochet samples with a view toward replacing those braids with block tatting.
Please also revisit Jane Eborall's Narrow block tatted braid.
Special St. Patrick's Day Patterns

Please visit Martha Ess's Homepage:

Martha shares some new block tatting patterns:

Rainbow & pot of gold

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March 10, 2008 log

March 3, 2008

Nufashond Rick Rack #2
Please note the link was updated 3-3-08
If you are unable to download the pdf (remember to right click on the link and select save to your computer for faster downloading), the two pages of tatting in the book are posted separately also:
Pg 23

Pg 24

added late 3-3-08
From Ruth Perry, Rick Rack Block Tatting Pattern

From Wall Sosa, a sample of the rick rack block tatting.
Tatting with Rick Rack. Please examine these tatting patterns with a view toward replacing the rick rack braid with block tatting.
"Crocheting on Rick Rack Intro and History Trivia" article by Sandi Marshall
"Vintage Fabric - In Search of Warp Ends" article by Joan Kiplinger featuring the historical research of Shirley McElderry whose work on the preservation of coronation cord was also reported in PIECEWORK magazine.
Lesson Log Posted

March 3, 2008 log

Feb. 29, 2008
Leap Year Day
Special Event

New Public Domain Patterns Added.
Titles posted:
Coronation Cord Booklet

There are 20 pages plus the cover. Using the above link, substitute, page1.gif through page20.gif. The cover is cover.gif. We will discuss pages 4, 5 and 12.

Lesson Log Posted
Feb. 29 Leap Year Day Special Event Lesson Log is posted after class.

Feb. 25, 2008

Wally Sosa's "The Princess and the Pea" Block tatted doily

Techniques: Basic Block Tatting see links below. Direct Chain = Ecapsulation the thread, or wrapping.

Lesson Log Posted

Feb. 25 Lesson Log is posted after class.

Feb. 11, 2008

Sue Hanson's Block Tatted Heart

Techniques: Block tatting, (block tatting needle) rings and chains, shuttle lock join, Jane's block tatting diagram, MP lock stitch, shoe lace trick, turning the work , magic thread, and Hide ends.
Lesson Log Posted

Feb. 11 Lesson Log is posted after class.

Feb. 4, 2008

"Ombre Block Tatting Heart"
shared by Teresa Woods

Techniques: Block tatting, (block tatting needle) rings and chains, shuttle lock join.
"Rings N Pearls" Suncatcher
shared by Pamela Myers
Techniques: Beaded tatting, rings, split rings, wrapping ds to cover a cabone ring.

Lesson Log Posted

Feb. 4 Lesson Log is posted after class.

Special Event Feb. 3, 2008

"Taine Flower & Snowflake"
shared by Wally Sosa

Techniques: Untwisted last join on outward facing rings, Split rings, Self-closing mock ring, Thrown off rings (SH2), mock picots.

"Crystal Tiara"
shared by Linda Davies

Techniques: Beaded tatting, CTM, walking the shuttle, front/back side concept, rings and chains.
Lesson Log Posted

Feb. 3 Lesson Log is posted after class.

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