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Denise's Bracelet By Deborah Strickland
(Shuttle Tatting Directions)

Shuttle Tatting Directions: String expected number of 19 E large beads on the shuttle thread. Sample done with Size 20 Thread. Beads placed over the picots before the join must be of appropriate size for the thread used. The sample finished out at 6 inches and after adding the clasp measured 7 inches.

R = ring
RW = reverse work
B = bead on picot join
- = construction picot
-- = picot big enough to pull up through bead and join
clr = close ring
+ = join to picot
/ = split ring

One Shuttle work
Using one shuttle begin with:
A. R 4 - 6 - 2 clr RW
B. R 2 + (join to picot of beg ring 6 - 2 clr RW
(to add clasp to ring, tat instead, R 2 - 3 add clasp with a join 3 - 2 clr RW)
C. R 2 + join to picot of previous ring) 6 - 4 clr RW

Order of work

Move up a large bead from the shuttle thread.
Leave approx. 3/8" inch of bare shuttle thread.
D. R 4 B (using crochet hook, add bead to picot and join) 4 -- 4 clr RW
Note: To create the all front side look to the work, tat all the rings on the opposite side in reverse half stitch order.
E. R 4 B (using crochet hook, add bead to picot and join) 4 -- 4 clr RW

Move up a large bead from the ball thread.

Repeat ROW 2 for desired length.

Last ring at end, tat R 2 + (join to last upper ring without bead) 3 + (join to clasp end) 3 + (join to last lower ring without bead) 2 clr. Finish off ends.

DS count

Needle Tatting Directions

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