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2006 Lesson Index - The Online Tatting Class

Jan. - Dec., 2006

Dec. 12, 2006 - Jan. 20, 2007 Semester break.
More Patterns are needed for 2007!

Coming soon!
The last lesson in the aol classroom will have a surprise for those attending. If you cannot attend or do not have aol, please email me on Monday Dec. 11.

Ruth Perry's One Shuttle Heart And a Mignonette Strawberry by Martha Ess after a pattern by Rita Cochrane
Carol Amich's Cluny angel with models by Mimi Dillmann landing here soon!!!
The Hanging cluny!

Dec. 10/11, 2006 "3-D Christmas Decorations" by Toni Storer

"Tatting Down the Garden Path" by Toni Storer

A Tatted Bouquet of Orchids" by Toni Storer

Dec. 10 aol log

Dec. 11 2006 int'l log

Dec. 03/04, 2006 "Knots and Crosses" by Julie Patterson

"More Crosses than You can Bear" by Julie Patterson

"Just Marking Tome" by Julie Patterson

Dec. 03 aol log

Dec. 04 2006 int'l log

Nov. 26/27 No class. Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating this long holiday weekend.

Nov.19/20 2006 Jane Eborall Goes Fishing with picots reeling in soon!!!
Nov. 19 aol log

Nov. 20 2006 int'l log

Nov. 12/13 No class. I am teaching a workshop in North Carolina.

Nov.5/6 2006 Hope Green's Housewife
Nov. 05 aol log

Nov. 06 2006 int'l log

Oct. 29/30 2006 Martha Ess Reinvents the Wheel!
Oct. 29 aol log

Oct.30 2006 int'l log

Oct. 22/23 2006 Thistle Do Pin by Rita Cochrane
Oct. 22 aol log

Oct.23 2006 int'l log

Oct. 15/16 2006 Block Critter Cat by Martha Ess
Oct. 15 aol log

Oct.16,2006 int'l log

Oct. 8/9, 2006 Angel Wings for the IOLI 2007 convention
Oct. 08 aol log

Oct. 9,2006 int'l log

Oct. 1/2, 2006 Welcome back to class!Oct. 01 aol log

Sorry, when uploading this log from Oct.02 I inadvertently deleted it. If anyone a has a log of the class discussion from Oct. 02 I would be happy to post it.
May 31- Fall class is in recess!

May 28/29, 2006 Let's Talk Tatting Books!
May 28 aol log

May 29 int'l log

May 21/22, 2006 Back to Basics session.
Turn work vs Reverse Work
An end to ENDS!
May 21 No log

May 22 int'l log
May 14/15, 2006 no class, Teach Mom to tat!

May 07/08, 2006, Bev Dillon shares her Tatted Coin Bracelet. See versions in white and in color by Sue Behr.

Ruth Perry's fun tatted boa pattern.

And see Carolyn Groves' homework on the Boa pattern.

May 07 aol log

May 07 int'l log
April 15, 2006, Nina Libin shares her translation of tatting terms from Russian to English. Many thanks!

April 12, 2006, A Spring Present to Tatters from Mark Myers. This is a huge download in pdf form. Right click the link and save to your computer. It is faster than trying to open it online. Once it is downloaded you can open it easily with Adobe Reader.

April 10, the only meeting in this month. Come and see the lovely Tatting for Easter Eggs submitted for the Egg contest.

April 10 int'l log

March 26/27 Nina Libin's Green Iris Beaded Pendant

March 26/27 The Vidalia Onion Ring Angel by Hope Green and Lenore English.
Mar. 26 aol log

Mar. 27 int'l log

March 19/20 The Spring Easter Egg Challenge Contest entries must arrive by April 5, 2006.
Class project: Using the guide provided by the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild on their 2006 workshop class description list, locate a link to a webpage that illustrates that term or technique. This is a full class project and all are welcome to participate.
Updated List in Progress: Tatting Terms Link List in progress.
Mar. 19 aol log
Mar. 20 int'l log

March 12/13 An antique edging from Marie Antoinette Hees' Book 5 Edging #7.
Mar. 12 aol log

Mar. 13 int'l log

March 5/6 Roll Tatting Basics
Mar. 05 aol log

Mar. 06 int'l log

Feb. 26/27 Dorcas Newkirk presents an Introduction to Copper Wire Tatting

Samples of Copper Wire Tatting from the classes of Carolyn Regnier
Feb.26 aol log

Feb. 27 int'l log

No class Feb. 19/20. Three day holiday weekend in the US. Spend that extra time tatting!

Feb. 12/13 An antique hanky corner with needle weaving. I could use some help with this one. See what you can make out in the way of double stitch counts and picots. Email your info in or bring it to class.

Feb. 12 aol log

Feb. 13 int'l log
Chocolate Party Feb. 13 in the international classroom. Come early and bring lots to share.
Chocolate recipes.

Superbowl Sunday Snowflake by Wally Sosa

Feb. 5/6 Mary Maynard's Buttons and Beads Valentine's Day Heart

Feb. 05 aol log

Feb. 06 int'l log

Jan. 29/30 Mrs. Beeton's Rosette #8 interpreted by Gina Brummet and Wally Sosa.

Jan 29 aol log

Jan. 30 int'l log

Jan. 22/23 Jane Eborall's History notes as a wide spread sheet.
Jane Eborall's History notes as a pdf.

And for our first pattern, let's start off with a bookmark by Wally Sosa.

If Wally's website is still down check here for a rough copy of the pattern.
bookmark page 1
bookmark page 2

Jan 22 aol log
(to be posted)
Jan. 23 int'l log

Antique Lace Square from the Archives of the Lace Museum

Cindy Brick's Hanky Panky Quilt book will be our inspiration for The Recycled Tatting projects in workshops this year.

The biggest event for tatters in history is growing every year. Come join the fun and friendship at the Palmetto Tat Days 2006 Contact: Lori

Happy Tatting! Georgia Seitz